Signs of transmission of coronavirus from person to person recorded in three countries

Photo: TASS/Jerome Favre/EPA

In the three countries fixed signs of the transfer of a new type of coronavirus from person to person. This was stated by Director General of the world health organization (who), Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus.

“There are signs of multiple cases of transmission from human to human outside of China, in three countries”, – quotes its TASS.

Earlier it was reported that who convene a meeting of the emergency Committee in connection with the outbreak of the coronavirus in China. It will be held on January 30 in Geneva. The Committee will consider the necessity of declaring an international emergency.

the who also warned of the possibility of in the “imported cases” of the new type of coronavirus. The organization has also developed recommendations that will help the authorities deal with such cases.

According to recent reports, a new virus in China, infected nearly 6 thousand people, of whom 132 died. Coronavirus has also been identified in Australia, Canada, Vietnam, Germany, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, USA, Thailand, France, Japan and Sri Lanka. In Russia, they are at the moment no.

the Chinese authorities believe the peak of the outbreak will start in 7-10 days. Expert SMRC DRF of Ministry of health of Russia Vladimir closets believes that in Russia the disease may come in February.

China gave Russia the genome of the coronavirus. This allowed professionals to create rapid tests for identification of the virus in the human body. The parties shall jointly develop a vaccine against the disease.

In turn, the Russian Ministry of health has developed a draft interim recommendations on the treatment of the disease. Capital management Rospotrebnadzor published a detailed manual on how to act staff working with Chinese citizens.

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