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The words of Diego Simeone, who appeared in the press room a few minutes after the end of the party, sounded a warning to players like Llorente, replaced in the rest. The coach of Atletico, without raising the voice, left a message between the lines. “The result is fair, we can not complain because the opponent, in the first time, he was better than us and in addition Lucas made a goal tremendous.” And the notice to mariners: “They going on dates and each time I have more clear the things.”


The wear and tear of Koke Salisu, the wall of the Valladolid

broke in pieces the match with practically the same analysis that you did after Asier Garitano: “The first time, the Far was more intense, more aggressive, and we took away the ball. It was the best. If we stay with the second time and realize that it was the first, we will do well in the future.” Simeone went deep discontent of what happened before the break. “It will be my fault for not knowing how to motivate players in the first half; we need to get to keep him for the second time,” he said, and said he was not hurt by the lost opportunity for Morata to put the 0-2: “No, because the ball went between the sticks and the goalie made a great stop; Morata made a good move and the goalkeeper kept him in the game at Alavés”. Yes, “if we get the second goal, probably the opponent would not have reached”.

For Asier Garitano, the draw is a blessing. The technical diseccionó the party as his colleague. “We had a good start against a team that usually starts strong. We needed to put balls on field rival, and I think we succeeded. They just arrived and we were a little more comfortable waiting for a punch line. In the second half, with the fatigue it has cost us more and we have received a goal from a goal kick. Have had five minutes in which they could be sentenced, and then we have trying to stick balls fast”.

Garitano praised Luke: “The goal is essential for him and for the team. Is a guy that has always made us goals.”

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