The president of the General Council of Judicial Power (CGPJ), Carlos Lesmes, has attributed this Tuesday to be a part of the society “small, but brilliant” the incidents that occurred in Catalonia since it was made public the judgement of the procés. “Citizens are blinded by the irrationality they are attacking from the front the base of our democracy to break through force and violence the model of coexistence on which they settle the basic principles of our society, the pillars of the Spanish constitution, which are no other but the respect to the law and to the rights and freedoms of others”, has stated during a public intervention in the opening ceremony of the judicial year in the military.


The judge postponed until the December 16 hearing on the euroorden of Puigdemont the Catalonia of The misrule

this is Not the first time that the president of the CGPJ, who is also the Supreme Court, refers to the situation created in Catalonia after the sentencing of pro-independence leaders, but up to now had been done in a generic way (without expressly citing Catalonia) and in terms less harsh. In the intervention of this Tuesday, Lesmes has loaded so much against the citizens who are witnessing episodes of violence as against the action of the government. “Only with the firmness of our belief in democratic values, as well as the effectiveness of the full submission to the law” on the part of the citizens as on the part of the various powers of the State”, can be “a society to overcome the various difficulties and challenges that you are going to pose in each period of history”, has warned the president of the Judicial Power.

All public servants, “from its position in the gear that makes up the State”, have an important role to play in defense of the Constitution of 1978, has added Lesmes, who concluded by asking that special attention be given to the importance of Justice as a “main tool that serves the company to ensure the supremacy of the law and the protection of individual and collective rights”.

Also been referred to, in the same act, to the situation in Catalonia, the president of the Military Court in the Central, the general director togado Carlos Melon Muñoz, who has praised the work they have been doing magistrates, judges and prosecutors to “the grossest, inveterate and repeated attacks that had been receiving the State of law.”

For its part, the State attorney general, María José Segarra, has lamented “the precarious situation” of the office of the Prosecutor of the Military Court in the Territorial Third party (in whose territorial area includes Catalonia), which has only in these moments with a prosecutor, the chief prosecutor, “without civil personal one of support in your office.” Segarra has asked for a solution that is “urgent” for this situation.


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