Such is the domain of the united States in women’s gymnastics today, that the debate before the first final of the World championships that are held these days in Stuttgart was not if he would win the first title at stake, the teams, but what would be the margin of that victory. That margin is called Simone Bill, the great star of this sport, that mark with their exercises a difference unreachable for the rest since his debut six years ago and pushes his companions up to the highest levels. In their fifth world and the way of the Tokyo Games, the olympic champion goes for it all and has signed a bravura performance, with only some slight hesitation, to achieve its 21st medal in World cup, the 15th gold.


revolves around Simone Days The revolution of Simone Bill Simone Days: “you have to Have fun because if it is not just a job”

Bill is the undisputed leader of the team and has been the only american to make the four devices. It has been the best in three of them. Only in the parallel, your event is more relaxed (if you can say something like that of the current runner-up world in this device), it has been surpassed by his companion Sunisa Lee, by the Russian Spiridonova and by the british Rebecca Downey, three authentic specialists. In the bar of equilibria, where it has had a couple of doubts after a spin and a jump, you have not risked as much as in the classifications and at the last moment has decided not to perform his new outlet, that double deadly double pirouette that already bears his name in the Code of Punctuation. The farewell, in the soil, has been high for everything: with the triple-double-double deadly with triple pirouette – that it alone performs, the higher and more precise than on other occasions.

The feast of the Bill and of the united States has only been tarnished by a fall, the Lee in the bar. Russia has only been able to look away from the spectacle. Up to 5.8 points in the end, enough to make sure the silver. For them, as for almost all other teams, the competition has become an ordeal of falls. To Russia she has swallowed, as almost always, the bar; China, which came to by the silver, has sunk in the parallel and no longer has to lift her head, to disappear from the podium; and France has seen how even their leader, Melanie de Jesus dos Santos, who aims to medal in the final single, fell from the bar.

The Italian team with their bronze. WOLFGANG RATTAY REUTERS

this drama has come out triumphant Italy, with a very young team full of debutants in a World but a sober and compact, as well as a few that has achieved a bronze unexpected thanks to a performance without a single failure until the last exercise. After overcoming the pressure of a competition where all the notes add up to, what triggers the nerves and increases the weight of the failures in the result, the very young Lorio has fallen in his entry to the bar in the last year of the Italian. But as he did because all the previous work, 11 exercises very well mounted, had been flawless.

The gold Days you even closer to the record of the legendary Vitaly Scherbo of 23 medals world cup, but its domain is much greater. Has not assigned or a single individual or by teams since it debuted in 2013. And their successes seem to depend more on his mood -he took a year off after winning olympic gold at Rio 2016 – that of its rivals. Unless unforeseen achieved this new record in Stuttgart, where he still has to participate in the final individual -opt to their fifth world title-this Thursday, and in the final four by sets of the weekend. And there is less than a year for the Tokyo Games.


1. USA (Bill, Eaker, Lee, McCallum, Carey), 172,330 points. 2. Russia (Melnikova, Akhaimova, Agafonova, Schekoldina and Spiridonova), 166,529. 3. Italy (Villa, Asia DAmato, Alice DAmato, Iorio and Carofiglio), 164,796. 4. China (Chen, Li, Liu, Qi and Tang), 164,230. 5. France (Dos Santos, Friess, Boyer, Charpy and Pontlevoy). 163,628. 6. Uk (Rebecca Downey, Elissa Downey, Fenton, James and Kinsella), 161,495. 7. Canada (Black, Olsen, Moors, Padurariu, and Woo), 160,563. 8. Holland (Thorsdottir, Visser, Volleman, Lieke Wevers and Sanne Wevers), 159,427.

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