she is only six years old. But with your Videos Youtuberin Boram from South Korea is now so successful that you could buy a house for the equivalent of more than seven million euros. As the “Korea Herald” reported, the five-storey building with well 260 square meters of Land in one of the richest areas of Seoul, in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam. The family of Boram back flipped to the property 9.5 billion Won (approximately $ 8 million).

But how is it that a six-year-old earned so much money? Boram operates two Youtube channels. On the a, Boram Tube toys review, testing the toys. More than 14 million people have subscribed to the channel. On the other, with more than 17 million subscribers, boramtube Vlog, post funny Videos, the shows you make with friends or family members in the nonsense. Among the most colorful Videos with sound effects are, as in a cartoon series: Boom! Zack! Peng!

The small girl, pay to click, other Youtubers can only dream of. A Video with the title of “Boram has a cold”, is currently more than 330 million views, others up to 100 million clicks.

reported Three million dollars in sales in a month with Youtube

As the “Korea Herald” continue to keep the two channels even for the largest share of the Marketing profits of the Korean YouTube channels. You have to make month to approximately 3.1 million U.S. dollars in sales.

not everyone seems to be from the Videos impressed. As the news channel “CNN” reported, reported by concerned citizens, the Youtube Star with the organization Save the Children. The Videos could affect the emotional and ethical development of young viewers negatively, they said.

there they met mainly on Clips, in which the six-year-old stole her father’s money from his wallet, or did so, as they would drive cars on the road. The organization should have reported the Videos to the police. According to the report, the family was ordered by the court that Borams parents should complete a counselling course, in order to prevent child abuse. The Clips in question have now been deleted, it means.

source: The Korea Herald, CNN

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