SK showed footage from the scene of a hard landing of An-2 plane in Magadan

the Investigative Committee has published a video of a hard landing of An-2 plane in Magadan.

the Video lasts 36 seconds. The footage can be seen of the wrecked plane, inside which damaged the passenger seat, in the cockpit, the snow, the screw is bent. On a place of state of emergency employees of the Investigative Committee.

a criminal case on the fact of violation of safety rules of operation and movement of the aircraft. The investigation will take investigative control of the region.

a Private plane An-2, belonging to the gold T-Cement, and began to fly off the ground for a few meters, but stopped climb and sat rigidly in close proximity to the strip. As a result, the vessel was destroyed the fuselage and the plane’s wings.

On Board the plane were 12 workers and 2 crew members. They were able to disembark independently. As a result of incident five people were hospitalized, five of them released, others are still waiting for the examination.

Investigators are considering two main versions of an event: technical failure of the aircraft, and violation of the rules of piloting.

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