SK will verify information about beating of the boy's foster mother

Photos: Moscow 24/Anastasia Cornicina

the Investigation began to check the information about the beating of the adoptive child’s mother, reports a press-service GSU SK the Russian Federation across Moscow.

the social network appeared information about the fact that a woman beat seven year old son with a belt for incorrect spelling of the letter “W”. He was hospitalized with bruises on the face and back.

the Investigating authorities will check the data on violation of the legitimate rights and interests of the boy. Now set all the circumstances of the incident, the audit will be procedural decision.

Previously, the Network spread a video in which the man forced the crying boy to squat. When the child fell exhausted, began to punch him in the face and threatened with death.

the victim was diagnosed with soft tissue bruise, hematoma lips and the wound in the upper jaw. In addition, the child knocked out a tooth. Stepfather of the boy was detained, he started a criminal case about the deliberate infliction of harm to health. Subsequently, the man was arrested.

Attorney family law Andrei Sarychev did not rule out that it can retrain with tortures more severe article – “Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health”. It arrested Murat Shanukov faces up to 10 years in prison.

Later, investigators opened one case is about repeated use of violence against young children. The investigation is put on control in Central office SK.

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