Skater Katsalapov told about the preparation of the show Art on Ice

Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexander vilf

Russian figure skater Nikita Katsalapov, performing in the ice dancing in a pair of Victoria and a senior research associate, has told about preparation for the ice show Art on Ice in Zurich.

According to the skater, the rooms are put together with coach Alexander Zhulin and choreographer Sergei Petukhov.

“two days before departure to Zurich we went out on the ice in Moscow, skated a total of eight hours, put his two rooms plus one, accidentally messed up the music. So we even have a backup setting” – quoted figure skater RT.

In Switzerland from the airport Katsalapov and Sinitsina brought to the rink, where they held a training session with the group, which is involved in the show.

the Skater said that to prepare for demonstration performances is considered as seriously, as and to the responsible competition.

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