is Still up for grabs in Seefeld medal. Your first upsets the Nordic Ski world Championships, yet. The focus, once more, world President Gian Franco Kasper Association. The 75-year-old Swiss blundered on the edge of the opening press conference for the second Time within a few days in the sound. This Time it went to the next Fis Congress in the coming year, has recently been awarded to the Thai Pattaya. Pikant: The former fishing village of Pattaya is regarded as a hotbed of Sex tourism in the Southeast Asian country. As the German radio reported, had spoken out in Opposition under the leadership of Norway’s vehemently opposed to Pattaya and tried to prevent the Congress in Thailand.

Kasper: “If we count before each Congress, the prostitutes…”

that burst Kasper in Seefeld is the collar. “This is nothing, what I have to decide. I’m a Democrat”, he shouted at the journalists present. “If we count, at each Congress to predict the number of prostitutes, we get problems. Every city has prostitutes,” he noted cynically. His critics fear, with the first at the Alpine skiing world Cup in Are, the confirmed decision to Pattaya, could be given the reputation of the international ski Federation in the dirt. The Norwegian newspaper “Aftenposten” reported that legal steps will be tested.

Kasper had only taken care of a few days ago, a shake of the head, as he noted in an Interview with the Swiss “daily mirror” that it is easier for them to organise large-scale events of dictators run countries. “…where the people will be questioned, which can make what you want… can do this with the left,” he said literally. In the same breath, the Swiss also introduced the climate change in question. “Temporary no evidence is there, we still have snow and even very much,” he said in the style of US President Donald Trump.

sources: in Germany



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