Diego Simeone, coach of Atlético Madrid, is known for his stormy Temperament. Sometimes he fuhrwerkt like a rumpelstiltskin on the sideline, when his emotions boil over. Also some slip of the tongue he should not have done, if what happened on the lawn, pleased. On Wednesday evening in the game against Juventus, he once again had an outbreak.

78 minutes was running his Team in the first leg of the Champions League eighth-final against the Italians, which Ronaldo dispatch,. Then, when the proceeds shortly thereafter, rose Godin was hit to the 1:0 by Giminez (on the final score of 2:0) broke the Argentines, all of the dams. How unleashed Simeone’s handle with both hands in the step, turns, even, to show the gesture in the direction of the Fans.

Diego Simeone: We have eggs

Later, Simeone is not apologized to journalists for the gesture, regretting the explicit cheers Performance but: “It is not a nice gesture, I admit, but I had to do it,” said the 48-year-old-Argentine-who is in eight years, coach of Atlético Madrid. “I’ve been so hyped as a player for Lazio and I have done it again, to show the Fans that we have eggs. I’m sorry, if I have any upset someone. I did it with the heart.” He also stressed that the offensive grip is not directed against the opposing team.

source: “DAZN”, “BBC Sport -”



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