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Edmund Stoiber is considered a sex symbol and is also not as violent known. But in may 2007, when he was a Bavarian Minister-President, he said in an Interview: “I’m in the habit of me that I hinrichte every day in the Morning in the garden show and maybe a flower. Otherwise, I tell my wife, what would I have to do everything, and then she makes it or with the gardener.” Everything is clear, everybody knows: Stoiber’s consciousness tells the story of the garden work, his unconscious prefers to speak of Sex and Crime. Greetings from Dr. Freud.

Sigmund Freud one has to imagine anyone. Everyone knows his name and his likeness. He is one of the few scientists who have made it into everyday language, in the vocabulary of those who have never read a line of him. We use his concepts to analyze ourselves and each other: extrusion, Complex, Freudian slip of the tongue. Even more so, his theory of the Unconscious radiated in different areas such as the sociology, the pedagogy, the politics, the philosophy, the literature and theatre studies. Right? Is this a science or superstition? Should we not rather ask the brain researchers, then, what is going on in the minds of Edmund Stoiber and other people?

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To these questions much depends. It’s not just a question of whether the old Freud was right. It comes to our self-understanding: What kind of a being is man? It is a question of what is normal and what should be treated as crazy and mentally ill people.

As Freud in the 1870s medicine in Vienna and studied it, circled it, first at a large distance to these questions. He dissected bodies of hundreds of eels in search of their gender. He’s under the nervous system analysed by crustaceans. But it was the person wanted to understand Freud: the biological origin of mental processes. He began to examine children’s brains, he in ultra-thin sections disassembled and the filter paper dried. He studied a 15-week long.

basic research is a luxury for offspring was richer families. Freud’s father fed his family of shops, which were at least at the periphery of the crime, and not always something earned. In addition, he was a Jew, his the son of Sigmund in the former Academia, the Fort values don’t come, even if this took Faith.

Eventually, it was unavoidable to earn money. The for years, waiting fiancée Martha Bernays wanted to be married. Freud saw that he had to be a practicing physician. Only, what is it? He tried the surgery, found to be clumsy. In internal medicine, he was not able to keep the terminally Ill. Also sick children struck him on the mind, therefore, he left the peds again.

In the year 1886, freshly back from the honeymoon, opened Freud his neurological private practice. He dealt primarily with women. Hysteria was the Fad of that time, the patients suffered from linguistic inhibitions, convulsions, and hallucinations of snakes and mice. The cause of the suspected sticks of many physicians in a narrowing of the eggs. Shortly after the opening of his practice, Freud embarrassed himself with a lecture on male hysteria in Vienna society of Physicians. “But Mr, how can you talk such nonsense!”, a senior surgeon called. “Hysteron is called the Uterus. How can a man be hysterical?”

Five terms from Freud’s ideas of the world – crowding out of Five of the terms from Freud’s world of thoughts – extrusion

“Good day, Mr … er, Mr …” – embarrassing, embarrassing. Just at the wrong Moment, the correct Name is deleted from the memory. This is a Situation everyone is familiar with. Freud hinted at such an incident that had happened to him self, as a displacement. Once travel from Ragusa in Dalmatia had not occurred to him in a conversation while “a Car to a Station in Herzegovina” partout, the Name of the painter of the frescoes in the Cathedral of Orvieto. Instead of the Name “Signorelli” came to him “Boltraffio” in the sense. Later, it occurred to him that he had thought in that Moment on the sexual mores of the Bosnians and the fact that recently, a Patient was arrested for a sexual disorder in the life and death message had reached him in the South Tyrolean village of Trafoi. His unconscious mind had drawn, “Bosnia” and “Trafoi” art name “Boltraffio”, he guessed, to bring the repressed topics, Sex and death.


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