Slepakov wrote a song about the coronavirus

the artist wrote the song about COVID-19

comedian and singer the artist has recorded a song about the coronavirus. It was called “Virus”.

Artist performs the melody on the guitar and sings before the pandemic coronavirus infection people complained about the ugliness of life and some distant problem. Now they all seem to be insignificant compared to what is happening on the backdrop of the spread COVID-19.

it is Noted that Slepakov has published a recording on 31 March, and in just a few hours, she scored over 2 million views. Currently, the video is the first line of tab will be “trending” on the Russian YouTube.

Today it became known that a day in Russia 440 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in 35 regions, including 267 cases of infection identified in Moscow.

in All, Russia today reported 2,777 cases of coronavirus infection in 75 regions. During the day, discharged on recovery 69 people, 45 of them in the capital.

During the whole period recovered 190 patients. During the day, recorded seven fatal cases, of the bottom five in the capital, one in Moscow and Pskov regions. For the entire period of 24 persons died.

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