Slutsky told about the threat of coronavirus for football

Photo: TASS/Egor Aleev

the Main trainer of football club “Rubin” Leonid Slutsky, shared his thoughts on how the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 can affect the football. About it reports the edition

“I do Not exclude that the League will push back the recommended completion dates of the season, and each eventually go their own way,” – said the expert.

Slutsky noted that the current season has been largely affected by the pandemic.

“I don’t know in what condition the players will return if they are two months will only turn the bike and work from home,” the coach said.

According to him, the pandemic can cause the loss of another football season all over the world.

“We may lose next season, which can add up with this situation and the lack of pre-season”, – said Slutsky.

He added that at the moment, very much remains unknown because of the period that may last pandemic.

“it’s Hard to argue about something when you don’t know how long it will last”, – concluded the expert.

Previously Leonid Slutsky told about the main problem in his career. Thus, the specialist called the profession of a coach is the loneliest in the world.

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