Smolensky metro bridge first placed Valentine Muscovites


on Valentine’s Day at Smolensky metro bridge first showed congratulations to the Muscovites. This was reported by the press service of the Department of transportation and development of road transport infrastructure of the city.

“On the bridge first showed greetings Muscovites left for their second halves. Was more active girls and wives, but men also took part,” – said the press service.

the Department had hoped to congratulate each other with the help of the metro bridge of the townspeople will become a tradition. The video cards were on the Smolenskaya embankment, and the embankment of Taras Shevchenko on 14 February from 20:00 to 21:00. In addition to an evening of greeting cards, congratulation with Valentine’s Day was broadcast on the bridge throughout the day.

the Contest was posted on 13 Feb in social networks metro “Vkontakte” and Instagram. Citizens were asked to make a birthday card, which should be no more than five words.

on Valentine’s Day Muscovites also admitted to feelings of his beloved with a large media screen that is installed on the building “Digital business space” (MCS) on Pokrovka.

the Capital’s libraries and cultural centres has prepared a special program. All were scheduled for about 60 measures to 15 February. Muscovites waiting for concerts, master classes in pole-dancing, performances, lectures and more.

Museums and parks of Moscow have prepared the romantic program in honor of Valentine’s Day

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