The dictator Francisco Franco is already in his grave in the crypt of the pantheon of the State’s Heritage in the madrid cemetery Mingorrubio, in The Pardo, together with that of his wife, Carmen Polo, but it can only be visited with permission. Until the own family has to ask permission 48 hours in advance. The mausoleum has security measures in place: a unit of permanent police protection both on the inside as on the outside of the cemetery. The basilica of the Valley of the Fallen, where he was buried until the 24th of October, has reopened with normal hours and was visited on Tuesday by some 500 people.

Since Tuesday the Government has also allowed the re-opening of the enclosure of the Valley of the Fallen, after the process of exhumation of the dictator, with some semblance of normalcy. That first day the area was visited by some 500 people and, above all, by numerous means of communication. From now on the Valley of the Fallen will open its doors in the same conditions that existed prior to its temporary closure last October 11.


Alvarez de Toledo: “The PSOE did nothing against Frank and now wants to win on a corpse” Primo de Rivera is not a victim of the Civil War, is a died in the conflict in The Valley of Fallen reopens with the ancient tomb of Franco cover tiles black

the basilica of The Valley of the Fallen, where he was buried Franco until the 24th of October, was exhumed, it has reopened with normal hours (from 10.00 to 18.00 hours and a price of nine euros per ticket). Monday ended up putting the 14 tiles of black marble that served to cover the area of the tombstone of the former tomb of Franco, which was damaged by radio and maces by the operators of the funeral home who performed the exhumation. The new slabs are still to be polished.

The tombstone with their name

The current burial of Franco in the pantheon of El Pardo has been open just behind the of his wife, in the central area of the crypt of Mingorrubio. On the gravestone which now covers the remains of the dictator just figure his name, Francisco Franco. In the will of his widow was entered in his day: “Hon. lady Gives. Carmen Polo Martinez Valdes. Vda. of Francisco Franco. Lady of Meirás. 11-VI-1901. 6-II-1988. RIP”. In the tomb of Franco, his family placed a crown of flowers with the colors of the Spanish flag and a bouquet. In his wife there is also another bouquet of flowers with a ribbon with the same colors.

The pantheon of Mingorrubio where he has finished the burial is now the property of the State’s Heritage, which he received last summer of National Heritage. The Government maintains surveillance throughout the area without specifying when to retire. The family of Franco has received the instruction that they have to notify those responsible for the cemetery, the police and Heritage when they want to go to visit the tomb. Still have not done so since the day of the reburial.

The Executive has not yet initiated contacts with the family of José Antonio Primo de Rivera, who is buried in the central area of the basilica, to negotiate their exhumation to another place that is more discreet or another cemetery.


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