Iceland is one of the five European countries that do not have a single Mcdonald’s in its streets. In the country of volcanoes, deserts, mountains and glaciers, and closed the last fast food restaurant of the american chain in 2009. But that’s not to say that their burgers are gone from the island: it is one, without corruption.

In a hostel of Snotra House, in Þykkvibær, to the south of the territory, it is saved to the culinary relic in a display case: a hamburger with cheese with a packet of crisps. Anyone would think that those foods are already more than rotting after a decade. On the contrary, both the people who come from all over the world to the establishment, such as those that appear on the Internet (some surprising to 400,000 connections per day) can verify that both products do not seem to have accused the passage of time.

Showcase, in which is preserved the menu. AFP

This burger is not a burger either, but the last that was sold in the country of volcanoes and glaciers. The acquired Hjörtur Smarason, who had heard that the products of the fast food chain never broke down, explained to AFP. So, kept it for three years in a plastic bag in your garage. Time passed, and nothing seemed to have altered the state of the food. After donation the menu the national museum, which ensured that I did not have the means to preserve it, and handed it over to a shelter. Shortly after, he ended up in a guest house in the south of the country, where it is exhibited as a trophy and a publicity gimmick, and where he has remained the past few years, undeterred.

responsible for The establishment, which presents itself as a welcoming home in the middle of nowhere and has on its website a section dedicated to the menu of Mcdonald’s, highlight the international interest by the last representative of the fast food icelandic, very visited especially in the summer. The head of the house of guests, Siggi Sigurdur, assured the BBC: “It’s something fun to see, but it makes you think about what you’re eating. There is No mold or other signs of deterioration, only the packaging looks old”.

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