Apartments and houses are usually the largest investments of a lifetime. Who here knows, can save a lot of money. On the Internet numerous tips, and supposedly good advice. But their true qualities and can rarely be verified, and if, then often too late.

a Lot of real estate interested parties are confused to the right. Quite different is the Motto of the company idea plus money: sounds as “know, then buy it!”. For some time, this offers the so-called “small real estate Seminar”. The objective: to impart basic Knowledge about real estate. For the business owner and host Hannes Rasp is just two evenings time, to explain in a relaxed atmosphere, all the Important obvious.

the adventure of The sounds. Taking a closer look at the philosophy of the company, so a carefully structured Plan. Decades of experience with real estate buyers brought a set to the light of day: “if I Had known this before.” Most of the people can be brave on the adventure of buying real estate and then five years later, how much money they could save, they would have made a few decisions differently.


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