a member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, the head of the project “Sober Russia” Sultan Hamzaev has asked Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina to give instructions about closing alkomarketov on the quarantine period for coronavirus.

In the appeal of the social activist said that the expert-analytical center of the project “Sober Russia” noted the growth of alcohol sales by 47% in comparison with March of last year. As specified, analysts interrogated more than 6 thousand citizens over 18 years from 60 regions of the country. During the survey it was found that the Russians almost doubled the purchase of alcohol. The main reason for the bulk purchases of alcoholic beverages the Russians the quarantine. The appeal says that in the course of monitoring, the experts of the “Sober Russia” has found the conduct of various discount promotions in large grocery chains and alkomarket.

Khamzayev mishustina urged to charge to close liquor stores, a “low bar” in residential homes for the quarantine period. According to him, we cannot allow one deadly virus stimulated alcoholism.