Sobyanin congratulates military on defenders of the Fatherland Day


Sergei Sobyanin congratulated the men with the Motherland defender’s Day. About this he wrote on his official page in “Vkontakte”.

“I congratulate you with the holiday of courage and heroism of many generations of soldiers of our country – the Day of defender of the Fatherland! Each of us remembers the exploits of our grandfathers and great grandfathers – creators of the great Victory, the 75th anniversary which we will celebrate this year!” – wrote the mayor.

the Mayor stressed that the immortal exploits and love of country are a true example and inspiration for new achievements. Sobyanin added that the country continues to be proud of their heroes to this day. He wished the defenders of good health, prosperity and new successes in the service of Russia.

the defender of the Fatherland Day may be noted in Gorky Park, Vorontsov Park, Kuzminki Park, in the garden Bauman and other places. Visit the most festive events free of charge.

Everyone will fight on wooden swords, learn the basic elements of freestyle skating will see performances of circus performers and take part in other activities. To celebrate the holiday in 17 parks in the capital.

In honor of defender of the Fatherland Day with 16 Metropolitan areas will start the fireworks. Volleys will start at 21:00 in Victory Park and Novo-Peredelkino (ZAO), in the territory of the Olympic complex “Luzhniki” (CAO), on the area between the North gate of the exhibition center and the Agricultural street, in the Park Chermyanka on the shore of the pond (SVAO).

it is Planned to launch over 10 thousand and more than 70 types of fireworks. Sound of fireworks will provide 30 volleys of guns ZIS-3 times of the great Patriotic war on Poklonnaya hill.

In Moscow, festive events will be held in honor of defender of the Fatherland Day

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