Soldiers in Thailand have killed the commando and left the building of the shopping center

Photo: telegram-channel Hue

started a fire in Thailand, the soldiers managed to escape from the building in which more than 9 hours kept hostages. About it RIA Novosti reported, referring to the channel Thairat tv.

Specifies that the Sergeant of land forces of Thailand clashed with soldiers of the special forces in multi-storey car Park of the shopping center. In the process he shot the gas tank, which was nearby, and then was able to escape from the building. It is reported that the car Park was on fire.

the TV Channel notes that in the shootout killed a soldier, another soldier was wounded.

it Also reported that the building of the shopping center were able to leave two injured people. They were taken just before the special forces began the assault, reports TASS. While official confirmation of this information from the police yet.

Earlier it became known that a soldier of the Thai army shot his commander and two people in a military camp, and then stole the car. Along the way, he fired a machine gun and a grenade launcher, then opened fire in the building of the shopping center.

According to the latest data, the accident killed 20 people, more than 30 were wounded. It was also reported that the shooter took hostage 16 people. He kept them inside a shopping Mall.

According to the defense Ministry of Thailand, the 34-year-old man is a professional soldier, and an instructor in the shooting in part by a sniper. He has trained special forces.

In Thailand, the soldiers staged continuous shooting at the Mall

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