The midwife training should be reformed in the Future births of studied women and men. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), said the Newspapers of the Funke media group: “in the Future, you will be in a dual course of study to their demanding task prepared.” The requirements for obstetrics increased constantly. Midwives need the best education possible – theoretically and with a high proportion of Practical training.

SPD Deputy Karl Lauterbach argued: “The course of studies for midwives can only supply and not a duty.” Much more important to have a better pay of midwives and clinics for births.

In the coalition agreement agreed by the Union and the SPD, the training of midwives in accordance with EU requirements as an academic professional. Background there is a EU regulation, by 2024, the job is a Bachelor’s degree learned. In some cities, there are already such courses.

The German midwife Association, welcomed the Utterances of the Spahns. Germany had now become the last EU country where midwives are still not in universities formed in. To the best possible training by studying is necessary and guarantee also in the future, a high level of quality in obstetrics. So far, the training takes three years. It includes theoretical and practical teaching in state-approved schools of Midwifery, and hospitals.


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