SRF (Switzerland): the Russian economy is at the bottom

the Russian economy was in severe crisis even before the outbreak of coronavirus has forced the health care of countries around the world to work to the limit.

Just a few weeks, the Russian currency depreciated against the US dollar by almost a third. This fall, the ruble has experienced for several years.

a Threat to all industries

the Problems began after Russia in early March quarreled with Saudi Arabia because of oil prices. And after world outbreak of coronavirus Russia’s economy is rapidly spiraling. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov last week estimated the losses of budget revenues from oil and gas export of 3 trillion rubles (the equivalent of about 36 billion Swiss francs). The same day he ensured the economy financial support to prevent the collapse of entire industries.

However, these measures will help only a limited number of companies, economist and businessman Dmitry Potapenko: “Small and medium enterprises will become extinct within the next two to three months. Many now had to fight for survival. All these so-called “measures” will not help. You just need to cancel for small and medium enterprises all taxes until July.”

the Silent President

President Vladimir Putin has still not addressed the population with it. According to his press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, in the near future he is not going to perform. About the spread of the coronavirus in the country, Putin said last week: “given the high risk in General, we have the situation under control. Working on it, our health care system, border patrol and other agencies”.

While Putin remains silent, the economic downturn takes Finnojaymie scale. Ordinary Russians feel it directly in everyday life.

food and beverage industry is fighting for survival

Restaurants due to the lack of customers forced to close in droves, the prices for taxi services fell to a new low, and small cafes are trying to avoid bankruptcy, announcing various events. State support for small and medium businesses can not expect.

the Contextfood fair in VladivostokNZZ: why is Russia so difficult to understand itself and its экономикуNeue Zürcher Zeitung25.02.2020 Handelsblatt: millions of Russian faces бедностьHandelsblatt20.03.2020 In cafes and bars who are still working, you can see how the staff handles protective gloves card menu disinfectants. Despite these efforts, visitors are almost there, we told the restaurant Manager Alexander Leeskow: “Our employees still do not wear protective masks, but we try to take all other possible measures. In particular, we have in the kitchen is ultraviolet treatment”.

to Empty your pockets even in Moscow

the Lucky ones now those who still can work.

“they asked Me, would I have to stay home today. I said “Yes” because I don’t want to get paid just for doing nothing. I want to work really,” said Ullubiy Kopelev, a worker in one of the food service establishments.

the financial difficulties faced by musicians, not affected by the ban on mass events. “The people impoverished. Even here, on the street, they have practically ceased to give money,” — told us one of the street musicians. According to him, he’s going to return home to Siberia.

Many areas of the economy, it seems, will not be able to find a way out of the crisis.

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