Stanislav Petrov: how a Soviet officer prevented a Third world

History 29/02/20 Stanislav Petrov: how a Soviet officer prevented a Third world

In 1983 coincided with a new round of “Cold war” associated with the actions of U.S. President Ronald Reagan, called the Soviet Union an evil Empire. This spring, the us air force conducting exercises on conventional bombing of the territory of the Kuril Islands, and adds fuel to the fire, shot down on 1 September 1983, Soviet fighter, of Korean Boeing. Against the background of these events before Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov was the question to start a nuclear war or not.

Center observation of the heavenly bodies

100 kilometers from Moscow is the Center of observation of the heavenly bodies, but in fact it was the command post “Serpukhov-15”, which was taken and processed information received from the modern system of early warning space “the Eye”. When receiving a signal of an impending nuclear attack from the point the message was routed to the Soviet leadership who took the decision about a response.

In the night from 26 to 27 September 1984, in 0.15 minutes, the warning system missile attack launched on the computer the message that the United States was released ballistic missile, the aim of which of the USSR. At this time on duty at the command post were Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov.

Nuclear attack

About the events of that night Colonel Sam recalled: “the foghorn as catechumens. On the wall above burning large red letters: “START”. So the missile went. I looked down at his crew. Someone even jumped from their seats, I turn around. Raised his voice, immediately ordered to take their posts. I had to check it out. Could it be that it’s actually a rocket with warheads…”

“the Eye” monitored the launch from the exit of the rocket from the mine. On the instructions of the duty officer was only required to consider the information issued by the computer and report on the crisis situation command. Stanislav Evgrafovich doubt and could not understand why the attack produced only one missile.

a step away from the Apocalypse

In an interview, the Colonel said, “All data from our computer are duplicated to their superiors. But there, wonder why no confirmation from me? After a couple of minutes – call for government communications. Pick up the phone and tell the attendant: “I give you false information”.

After Petrov put the phone down, the siren roared again, and the system has notified about the launch by the USSR of the second rocket. Within three minutes, the command post received a message about the three launches and the words “START” changed to “MISSILE ATTACK”.

the adoption of the decision by Stanislav Petrov was 10-15 minutes. While on duty with the nuclear suitcase and fled to Soviet leader Andropov officer analyzed the situation. Experts tracking for visual contact with the missile, said they see nothing on radar also confirmed the absence of in the sky the nuclear threat. The Lieutenant Colonel took responsibility and referred to the center that the computer system failed.

the investigation revealed that the cause of the failure was the illumination of the satellite sensors sunlight reflected from high-altitude clouds.

After the crisis

the Order and the next rank Stanislav Petrov was not given, and a year after a false attack, due to the state of health of his wife, the Colonel retired. Authorities have charged the officer a claim of an empty combat log. To this he replied that he could not physically make the records in the time of the attack, and make additional notes after forbidden and criminal in jail Petrov does not want to.

the identity of the hero became known in 1993, and called his then commander, General Petrov Votintsev. For the salvation of the world Lieutenant Colonel in 2013 he received the Dresden prize in 25 thousand euros for the prevention of war. Previously credit Petrova said, “the Association of world citizens” which gave him the statuette with the inscription “the Man who prevented the poisonerou war.”

Died Stanislav Petrov may 19, 2017 at the age of 77 years in his small apartment in the Suburban town of Fryazino. In a recent interview the Colonel said that one day received a payment of 500 dollars made by the American actor Kevin costner in gratitude.

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