Angela Wepper (76) is dead. She died on Friday morning at five o’clock in the Schön-Klinik Vogtareuth of a brain haemorrhage. As a complete surprise. How to learn from the environment of the family, is the wife of the actor Fritz Wepper (77) on 27. To be overthrown in a December home, then came on 28. December to the hospital. It had looked like everything not so bad. Angela Wepper is not overthrown in the last few years, more and more often, after numerous operations on the foot, she was very stable on the legs.

However, your death of family and friends met completely unprepared. In December, Angela Wepper had surgery, recovered, their carotid artery was closed by deposits. And as you had told, you jumped the death of the shovel. She was full of Confidence, looked forward to Christmas, especially the five grandchildren, which she loved above all. A balm for your soul, a balm for your heart that has so much suffered. Only in the summer had to say goodbye born to Angela Tomorrow of her sister, Felicitas Countess Piccolomini, who had died at age 69 of cancer.

+ Angela Wepper (76) is dead. She died on Friday morning at five o’clock in the Schön-Klinik Vogtareuth of a brain haemorrhage.© dpa / Ursula Düren

And again this sting, that her husband, Fritz Wepper and his Ex-Lover, has occurred. The Director had saved the actor but also the life, by brought him to a blood poisoning and an infection of the prosthetic heart valve to a hospital. And Angela Wepper has stretched out the Hand, and the illegitimate child arranged, Yes, even in your heart is closed, because the girl just couldn’t do anything for this family situation. And you’ll be just a stone’s throw from the house of the Weppers.

Family crises, Angela Wepper, burdened physically and mentally

Third marriage, Angela Wepper has been charged but increasingly. “Physically and mentally” be you to the Limit, she said in front of three-quarters of a year compared to the tz. Because she had broken a rib, even as Angela Wepper had stumbled home, multiple operation on the foot healed. The consequences of a shoulder fracture in front of it.

The family crises – had earlier stunned the fun-loving Angela with parties in Munich. The move from Sauerlach to the Tegernsee in 2009, should be a fresh start. However, it took three years, until Fritz Wepper separated officially from his Beloved.

How much can a person endure? Angela Wepper has a lot. But also full of joy and lived intensely. Your charming Fritz loved you in spite of everything, for over 40 years, and with him she wanted to be in spite of everything, old. In 1979, they were married, their daughter Sophie (37) was the culmination of their love. Their wedding two and half years ago with David masters and the birth of the little Claire a year ago, were one of the last great moments of happiness in the life of Angela Wepper.

+ Fritz Wepper mourns the loss of his wife, Angela (archive photo from 2008).© picture-alliance/ dpa / Andreas Gebert

lucky was also once the connection to the native Comtesse Angela Tomorrow with the former racer Ferfried Prince of Hohenzollern (75). The announcer at the BR (around two years she was the colleague of Ruth Kappel Berger, Annette of Arezzo and Carolin Reiber), married in 1968 at the castle of Sigmaringen, the Hohenzollern Prince. Two princesses crowned this happiness: Valerie-Alexandra, married Brenske (49) and Stephanie Michaela, married Haag (47). Her mother, Angela of high pay, lived in the highest circles, but they had not made the happy.

Fritz came Wepper into the game. At the Oktoberfest Cupid shot his arrow. She found him sexy, and dazzling life on the side of the actor was so much more exciting than the nobility of life. In an Interview she once said: “We have led an exciting life full of passion. I don’t regret a day.“ And even if the passion of a friendship was gone with Fritz – you don’t regret a day. He was a wonderful father, even the daughters from her first marriage with Prince Ferfried.

Angela Wepper had learned in their young years, a multi-year Affair with Ted Kennedy (†2009), the younger brother of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, you know, in the P1. Compared to the magazine Bunte, she once said: “It went on for almost three years, the Rest of you can think of any, but it was a hell of a good time.”

Yes, Angela Wepper knew how to enjoy life. Her radiant Smile – which stands for always.

The family is in shock, even Ferfried of Hohenzollern, who confirmed her death to the tz, and Leopold, Prince of Bavaria. Fritz Weppers friend, plastic surgeon Dr. Werner Mang said: “I grieve very much to Angela, she was great!”

Sudden death: Fritz Wepper mourns the loss of his wife

original message: Munich – Great sorrow in the home Wepper! Like the Colorful reported, passed away early Friday morning, Fritz Weppers wife Angela. She was 76 years old. The wife of Fritz Weppers brother Elmar have confirmed to the magazine the sad news.

in December Angela Wepper to the picture said: “My carotid artery was 99.9 percent. I lived with a sword of Damocles hanging over me. It was shortly before twelve. I would have been able to get any time to have a stroke.“

Fritz Wepper had in the past few years more common health problems. In the year 2017, he survived a serious SURGERY on the heart.



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