Update on 12. January 2019: Now Florian silver iron led with the Bild newspaper, the first Interview after the separation from Helene Fischer. He talked about his feelings and his relationship to his Ex-partner, Helene Fischer. On Saturday evening, both common in the ARD-Show “schlag Champions – The great Feast of the Best”. Apparently, it is not a painful reunion for the TV presenter.

“Helene and I met between the years and we talk on the phone almost daily. Even if many do not want to believe, we are and will remain the best of friends,“ says silver iron in the picture-Interview. Both connect continues to be very much. But he also acknowledges that he and the singer of the love to create. “But these sad moments we have lived already some time ago.”

Now he wants to look forward. A new woman in his life but still. “I’m not on Tinder or any other Dating portals. So I’m not looking, but I’m not optimistic that I’ll stay on the left.“

Florian silver iron: a friend in great anxiety because of separation from Helene Fischer

Berlin – Ten years of Florian silver iron (37) and Helene Fischer (34) were a Couple. Shortly before Christmas, the two stars announced their separation.

Via your Social Media channels, both Florian silver iron, as well as Helene Fischer published their Statements in which from the UPS and Downs of support and respect. In contrast to Helene Fischer, has already a new man at your side is likely to leave the separation, especially Florian silver iron lonely. This is also his words on Facebook an idea of: “A life without Helene, I could not imagine,” writes the 37-Year-old.

His love to Helene Fischer was so great that silver iron even left the face of his dream girl on the upper arm tattooed. What will happen after the end of the relationship, is debatable.

+ Florian Silbereisen has once even in the face of Helene Fischer on the upper arm tattooed.© dpa / Andreas country friends and Fans are worried about Florian silver iron + Helene Fischer with her new Partner Thomas lateral to the stage.© dpa / Rolf Venn Bernd

A mud battle to avoid the TV presenter anyway. The new love couple he wishes “good luck” and referred to Thomas lateral, the new Partner of Helene Fischer, even as a “great guy”. Florian silver iron proves true to size, but the separation go close to him, of course, wants to be a musician to know G. G. Anderson an Interview, according to. “The fact that the singer already has a New, for him is sure to be a real Drama,” says the friend of silver, of iron, according to Intouch, compared to the leisure time of the week.

And also the Fans of the born Passauers worry about your Idol. Some do not want to have on his recent TV appearance noticed that something was wrong. “Dear Florian, it sadly confirmed what I had feared. If you have seen the last of Your Shows and Your reactions when You mention you need to test, one could imagine such a thing. Nevertheless, I’m so sorry for You!“, so a Facebook comment.

There are many words of consolation are addressed to the New Single: “head up, life goes on”, try him and his followers to establish, and wish him all the best for the new year, that he “soon finds a new love.”

Fans doubt that Florian silver iron remains with Helene Fischer friends

Some do not believe, however, that a real friendship can be possible under such circumstances. “Sorry, but that is not going to work. If it separates, because another Partner is in the game, then the one with the ‘lasting friendship’ is just drivel, that will never work”, so the opinion of a Facebook User. Another writes: “Your wife makes you a sitting and you wish her luck. Do you believe in it yourself.“

Not a few Fans are mad at the singer. As a new year’s greeting of the blow, the Queen made recently in your Instagram community for Trouble.

the First encounter of Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer pair is expected to be live on TV

More excited for the first public meeting of the Ex -. Already on 12. January will meet again Helene Fischer and Florian silver iron in the ZDF-Show “schlag Champions – The Great Feast of the Best” in front of the cameras.

Thomas lateral: all of the first Expression to the relationship with Helene Fischer – “You can’t imagine …”

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