A soccer world Cup for the beer industry a reason to celebrate. Because no other sporting event has such a huge impact on your business, such as the world tournament of the Kicker. It’s going well for the German Eleven, crashes on the Nation’s beer bottle to beer bottle. Victories need to be watered.

But the tournament in Russia quickly became a fiasco. The early From the national team was a bad news for the brewers. Because that’s how nice the Cheer in other Nations may be, will not be Drunk then so dolle.

the International study, could be Significantly more expensive and rare: Why beer in the future will become a luxury item DPA

Therefore, the the summer of 2018, is not apparently wanted to end was an absolute stroke of luck for the industry. Krombacher and Veltins were able to enjoy a Plus, despite the price increase. However, the brewers have left the drinking mood from the previous year. Now realism – and thus disillusionment.

“The weather was 2018 will certainly be very helpful […]. But the conditions will not be repeated,” says Michael Huber, chief representative of the brewery C. & A. Veltins, the “Lebensmittel Zeitung”. In the past year, the Breweries sold approximately 93.5 million hectolitres of beer, the equivalent of the bottom line is that only a Plus of 0.5 percent, according to the “LZ”. The Federal Statistical office intends to publish by the end of January, the Figures for the year as a whole.

brand index 2018, The most popular beer brand of the year 2018 is…

When you think of delicious beer, what brand do you then directly? The pollsters from YouGov have just interviewed a million people for the brand index in 2018. And the beer brand of the year.

is Always less beer

The Problem with the brewer: For years, they drink less beer. Since the heat came just at the right time. But for the important Christmas business Braukonzerne with pain had to adhere to price discounts to advertise to keep sales high. Therefore, the brewers look even pessimistic to the year 2019. “We are at the beginning of a consolidation. The beer market will shrink in the next ten years,” said Huber to the “LZ”. Also, the social changes, press the brewing business. “Germany is over, people go out less and have more and more beverage alternatives to choose from. All of this, the demand for beer continues to shrink,” said Holger Eichele, Director of the German Brauer-Bund to the “LZ”.



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