Tel Aviv conquered the Levant cuisine, our restaurant world. There are many small, varied dishes, which can even replace a whole meal. The roots lie in the Arab cuisine, new culinary Spins come from the Levant – Israel, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. As the Levant is referred to in both the kitchen, the culinary orientation, as well as the historical and geographical designation for the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean, which are also out of date as tomorrow.

A menu to the System? The Levante is not familiar with. It is much more important to bring everything at the same time on the table and to share: Mezze is the keyword. Falafel, Shakshuka, tabouleh, Hummus, or Freekeh (will be traded as a new Hype-grain to Quinoa). All of these are traditional dishes from the Levant-in kitchen, which referred to a culture of sharing, in the pleasure and the relaxed get-together is the food in the centre. But why this kitchen is just so hip?

Already Poke or Shakshuka tasted?: Five dishes you must have eaten (otherwise you quickly catch up on) Fullscreen


Poke is nothing more than a fish salad, and in Hawaii has the Status of a national court. Originally from the Japanese kitchen the dish is fused with the cuisine of the West coast of the United States. Essentially, Poke consists of raw diced fish with Shoyu-soy sauce and sesame oil. Mostly will be used for tuna or salmon, Poke it but also with octopus and shrimp. In addition, the spring include onions, sesame seeds and Avocados and ginger to the court. Read more about it here!

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taken All this together with one country: Israel. Culinary-it has taken over in the Middle East has long been the guide. It is thanks to the Israeli chefs that work around innovative and unideological with the ingredients and in the 1990s, a Gourmet Revolution started. You had to whistle the courage to conventions, and to devote themselves to a world of open kitchen, which places emphasis on quality. Today, there are in Tel Aviv, for example, a few Local, the place clearly traditionally what takes place there, called the Fusion.

This is due to the fact that the dealer in Israel offering with your multi-cultural Background, different kind of products and it is precisely this Mix of cuisines that reflects today’s Israeli cuisine. It is Arabic, Turkish, Eastern European, Persian, but also by colonialism embossed, with French and British influences.

Brilliant recipe for Shakshuka – so you have a mirror, eggs never eaten

Shakshuka is originally from North Africa, but in Israel a national court. There, you eat it for Breakfast, lunch and dinner – and it tastes simply delicious.

By Denise Snieguole Wachter

This Food concept fits also always better to Europe. This is due to the more and more spreading Sharing culture. Food expert Hanni Rützler, who is willing to share his car or his apartment with others, the shares are also happy to dish. What: The Levant cuisine is not only delicious, but also healthy. Predominantly vegetarian products end up in small bowls on the table, which are wonderfully flavored Oriental. With sumac, Za’aatar and Harissa, for example. Spice mixes are an integral part of the Levante cuisine. They are often the Basis of many dishes. Here you will find you already in specialty shops or even online.

Until a few years ago, the tomato dish “Shakshuka” poached eggs for most of a foreign word. Today, you can find it in almost every hip Breakfast place (at least in big cities). Of the Levant cuisine we can expect in the next few years much – and the Hummus and Falafel.


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