SVT-40: the latest Soviet rifle was worse than pre-revolutionary

Weapons 24/03/20 SVT-40: the latest Soviet rifle was worse than pre-revolutionary “mosinki”

to Adopt the SVT-40 was adopted, but “mosinka” and remained in the Great Patriotic war, the main small arms of the infantry of the red army.

Unsolved “Sveta”?

according to “Argumenty I Fakty”, one of the most famous Russian gunsmith Fedor Tokarev, Creator of the famous pistol “TT” (for decades served as standard-issue weapons of army officers), automatic rifle (future SWT) in the late 30-ies did not finish: on the eve of the great Patriotic war industrial application of the SWT in the red army prevented the option of rifle of Sergei Simonov before the war and have not decided which is preferable for mass production.

In 1938, SVT has developed chambered in 7.62. Guns made with consideration of serial production with the use of appropriate quality steel and other characteristics, is not conducive to mass production of rifles for the army.

the Best Soviet female sniper in history, Lyudmila Pavlyuchenko (affected more than 300 Nazi soldiers and officers) who mainly worked for the Germans it was from SVT, it is documented. But she said to abdibaeva action is not suitable SWT, and less demanding “mosinka”.

the Doctor of historical Sciences David Bolotin said SVT in combat was constantly inferior to “mosinka” for accuracy and the accuracy of the battle. In any case, it is believed that the rifle Tokarev just unjustly defamed: a number of local historians tend to believe that SWT simply no one to learn: level of education of recruits was such that many did not understand the need to service something more technologically advanced than a very simple “three-line”, and could not in the short term training, which dictated the war, to work out the maintenance of these weapons.

For special forces, not infantry

Serial production of the SWT were phased out in early January 1945. According to the memoirs of developer self-loading rifles, Vladimir Fedorov, the amount (total in 1941 was estimated at over 1.1 million SVT) exceeded the German counterparts. But the quality of the rifle “did not meet a combat situation”. This weapon is effectively used units of the NKVD and military intelligence, the guerrillas and the Marines — the local group configured to perform a specific mission. Knowing how to use the advantages of SVT soldiers appreciated this rifle.

However, the arms of the red army in the Great Patriotic in the main, still had a Mosin rifle.

Our three-line was a nut

Soviet Mosin rifle by 1941, as the object of the armament was performed almost half a century. The principle of its operation is, in General, similar to the work of the German rifle “the Mauser” (the difference is that in the charging method of the store), the most common infantry weapons of the Nazis.

Basic small arms infantry on both sides of the opposing fronts of the great Patriotic war was the rifle — the “three-line” and “Mauser”.

according to one Russian military historians Sergei Chelnokov, “mosinskoy” rifle in the great Patriotic war turned out the most mass and the most sustainable weapons – rifle simply was cheaper and more accessible: SVT-40 that was originally hoped. Many successful snipers of the great Patriotic (which is also seen in archival photos) fired from “trehlineek”: “mosinka” was quite the “killer” rifle for snipers of the second world war, the Soviet “block fighter” with her worked is readily one of the most famous snipers in the great Patriotic war Vasily Zaytsev put her over 200 soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht.

Alexey Potapov in his book “the art of the sniper” writes that the three-line rifle (310 inch (7.62 mm)) – hence the name, was simple and easy to use. Its various modifications is still in effect. The “mosinka” as mentioned Potapov, was “choke” of the barrel (modification toanal-muzzle part) – this feature gave the accuracy of our sniper rifle. The German “Mauser” Chok was absent.

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