Sooner had the cars or nickname. Koseformen, you had to earn. It is only when a company has built up a special relationship with a “thing” is thus a term into the collective memory. Faceless all over the world, cars have no Chance. The vehicle must have been something out of the ordinary, only the very “special cars, with distinct properties and good stories to spark interest,” suggested to the naming of, say, Illustrator Helge Jepsen and writer Michael new material in the editor of the car magazine “Ramp”. Together, they have brought to the Band, “99 classic cars and their nicknames”.

Old – and young-timer Today, cheap classic car of tomorrow

buy arts With all due respect of new material in the Text and his Knowledge of the real charm of the book lies in the illustrations by Helge Jepsen. Famous with his series of toy books, “the essential things”, such as “children’s toys have become: An almost complete collection of essential things”. And also the illustrations of the “99 classic cars” remember, their elegance and the abstraction of the lines on the drawings of Hergé. Realistic enough to be considered as a collective image, not pay homage to the drawings of the idea of “more realistic than reality” – but to hijack the vehicles gently into the world of the drawings.

In the collection of the 99 to find old Acquaintances, such as the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupé, W 198 – the “Gullwing”. Named after the flyout doors. A classic desire model with its outstanding space concept was, however, in large-scale series never successful. Less desire of the Trabant 601 – causes probably the so – called Rennpappe -. Its name owed to the prod of his body made of resin-impregnated plastic called Duroplast. Also, the “Sweden tanks” is likely to be the most common. Behind the martial name of the Volvo 244. With this vehicle, Volvo is working on developing the Image, to build safe cars. Sure they should be, because they were allegedly made from extra-strong sheet metal, but in any case, the bumper stuck out defiantly to any opponent. The “Flying saucer” should, by contrast, can only identify the least-as an Alfa Romeo 1900 C52. The Italian Name “Disco Volante” sounds a lot more sensual than the brittle German saucer. Built for dwarves, and racing, remained with the carriage of sporting success denied. Its Design fascinated until today.

The Band’s “99 classic cars and their nicknames” is published by teNeues and costs 49.90 euros.

photo book “Cars and Girls”, The sharp 70 – no car without a mini skirt

mini skirts and sports cars in the “group Sexy” are icons of the Seventies. How both fit together, the picture book “Cars and Girls”.


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