Talks between Wolff and DULLES: did the allies betray the Soviet Union

History 23/03/20 Talks between Wolff and DULLES: did the allies betray the Soviet Union

the hero of the novel Juliana Semenova “Seventeen moments of spring” scout Stirlitz has managed to prevent a separate peace between Nazi Germany and the allies. And it’s not the author’s fiction. The head of the office of strategic services DULLES had actually met with SS-obergruppenführer Wolff. The Soviet Union until those negotiations are not allowed.

the First meeting between DULLES and wolf

the Head of the office of strategic services Allen DULLES regularly received information about the representatives of the German command, ready to cooperate. Your choice of DULLES was stopped on Karl Wolff, the head of the SS in Italy. Says N. Vladimir Lebedev, the author of the book “the Collapse of secret diplomacy” in February 1945, DULLES through the chief of Swiss military intelligence Weibel and Chamberlain of Pius XII Baron Parilli made contact with wolf. On 8 March 1945 the American diplomat received from the United States and Britain the go-ahead for operation “sunrise”, and SS-obergruppenführer first met. It happened in Zurich a safe house of the Consulate General of the United States.

If you believe the jury Korobleva, the author of the publication “the Birth of the armed forces of the Soviet state,” wolf suggested the allies to abandon the offensive on the Italian front and to enable the German troops to evacuate to the home. In exchange, the German command promised to refrain from destruction of industrial, transport objects and monuments of culture. DULLES demanded from the wolf only to keep the negotiations secret. Subsequently, a high-ranking SS officer recalled that Allen DULLES was so encouraged by their first meeting that outlined the next negotiations (already on the exact terms of surrender) on 19 March 1945.

the Situation is complicated by

As he writes in his book, “the GRU during the great Patriotic war,” Alexander Kolpakidi, Allen DULLES and Karl Wolff met again in Ascona Villa expert USS Gero von Schulze-Gaevernitz. At this time DULLES was the former state of euphoria. The fact is that by the time the German commander albert Kesselring, whom wolf had a significant impact and which was to spread the surrender on the entire Western front he left Italy. Kesselring, which was intended for the post of President of Germany, succeeded Heinrich von vietinghoff. Wolf was the latest in a good relationship, but not in such as with Kesselring.

as required time in order to resolve this issue, the negotiators took a timeout. According to the brothers Salinero, the authors of the publication “the Nuremberg. Forever”, Karl wolf, has decided to influence Fitinghofa through Kesselring. Obergruppenfuhrer asked DULLES for a few days to delay the allied offensive in Italy, he also promised to limit anti-guerrilla and counter-insurgency operations. However, when the plan to conclude a separate peace became known to Adolf Hitler, he was furious. Being already a political corpse, Hitler could not allow any negotiations.

the Position and role of the USSR

Joseph Stalin, who learned about the operation “sunrise” due to successful intelligence work, was also not going to put up with what is happening. However, if you believe Valentine Berezhkov, author of the book “Pages of diplomatic history,” the Soviet side was not against negotiations. However, Vyacheslav Molotov asked me to connect to them the Soviet representatives. The United States initially denied contacts with the Nazis, and subsequently recognize them, refused to do so. In response, the Soviet Union demanded an end to negotiations with the German command. According to Berezhkov, the allies tried to justify the fact that it is only on the surrender of certain part of the front.

just Stalin for the explanation left unsatisfied. In a letter to Franklin Roosevelt on April 3, 1945, an excerpt from which is given in the publication “MIPY on the year 1945” Sergey kremleva, the Soviet leader asks: “..why do you have to hide it from Russian..?”. Correspondence between Stalin and Roosevelt ended with a telegram on behalf of the latter, which stated that the incident “faded and gone without bringing any benefit”. 3 days later the Red Army began the Berlin offensive operation. And “operation sunrise”, in which the US and Britain were planning to negotiate with Germany behind the Soviet Union, failed miserably.

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