What Stalin executed ataman Peter Krasnov in 1946

Biography 23/03/20 that Stalin executed ataman Peter Krasnov in 1946

the Instinct of any state hostile to traitors. Not escaped this fate and ataman Pyotr Krasnov, however, not all historians put it on a par with the other traitors.

a brief pedigree of

Before the revolution, the kind Krasnov on the don was one of the most reputable. The first most striking representative was a companion of the ataman Platov – Ivan Kozmich red. He is also considered one of the first Cossack intellectuals. It is known that he was wounded on the eve of the battle of Borodino and died at the hands of his famous friend.

His son Ivan Krasnov – ataman of the don regiments, being in the spring of 1855 at Taganrog, defeated the Anglo-French landing force of only three hundred of the don Cossacks. The blow was so astonished by the aggressors, those made no more attempts to land in the sea of Azov. However, in his book “defense of Taganrog and Azov sea coast” by I. I. Krasnov, the main importance is not paid to this fact, and how the Cossacks suppressed numerous bands of marauders. The youngest son of Ivan Ivanovich Krasnov – Nikolay, too, was a military man and writer. His books “At the lake” and “the Don. Stories from the Cossack life” was read Petersburg.
Nikolay Krasnov had three sons, however, the Soviet historians preferred to write about his older son, Andrew, the largest entomologist and traveler who created the Batumi Botanical garden and founded the first tea plantation.

the Ethiopian star

10 (22) September 1869 in St. Petersburg was born Pyotr Nikolayevich Krasnov. It is believed that his literary career began 17 (29) March of 1891, when he was in the rank of cornet of the Life-Guards ataman regiment, published in the newspaper “Russian Invalid” article “Cossack tent – the tent of Colonel Chebotarev”. It happened three years after the end of the Alexandrovsky cadet corps. In this time he served as regimental adjutant. In the fall of 1897 he was appointed head of the convoy of the Russian military mission at the court of the Abyssinian Negus Menelik. Once the young centurion Krasnov, wanting to surprise the Ethiopians rode standing up on two horses, for which he was awarded the officer’s cross of the Ethiopian star 3-th degree.
Being observant person, he daily took notes, which were published in the brochure “the Cossacks in Africa: the Diary of the chief guards of the Russian Imperial mission in Abyssinia in 1897-1898 years.”. His essays and articles have been very popular, but critics charged him excessive poetic remarks. Later this has allowed some critics to call Krasnov mediocre writer who made his name in the struggle against Bolshevism.

the Revolution and personal disaster

In his book “On the domestic front,” Peter Krasnov described the decomposition of the Russian army on the eve of the October revolution. The book was informative and even received international recognition. He mocked the Cossacks, who quite seriously talked about the monarchy without a king, and rightly called the absurdity of the requirement of soldiers ‘ committees requiring officers to greet all with a handshake.

According to many historians, the life of the Russian General Krasnov fit into a typical tragedy characteristic of all national revolutions. In England 1640-1660 years in France, 1789-1794 years, as happened in Russia in 1917.

However, wherever social upheaval, looked everywhere for some black forces. Found them and red.

“…It seems to me in face of Lenin reasonably well defined, but Russian society is not enough, – the ataman wrote in his book “From double eagle to red flag”. – He needs to justify his infamy that Lenin could not be fought because it has some awesome power: the world Jewish Kahal, Freemasonry omnipotent, demons, Baphomet, the terrible power of the God of darkness that conquers the true God. Ear whispert: Lenin — Ulyanov, Saratov, the son of a nobleman. Russian can not be a traitor to such an extent…”


General Krasnov, describing the famous Large Military Circle, which was held on 15 August 1918 in Novocherkassk, said: “the Intelligent part of the Circle that can be independent don Cossacks from Russia. The “grey” part of the Circle, the vast majority, gained independence within the Land of the don Cossacks, not wanting to cross the border. This gray part of the Circle certainly did: “What do we need Russia? After it we were always alone trouble resentment. You look at what the Army is small, said ataman gray Don, – can one go to save Russia? And why, if she doesn’t want to be saved”.

on the one hand red obey Circle, and on the other the 26th of December 1918 signed a decree on the subordination of the don army of General Denikin. However, forcing the Cossacks to fight the Bolsheviks, he, in the words of the biographer S. G. Alatortseva, often spoke about the inevitable defeat of the whites.
“Denikin and his entourage had given their struggle with the Bolsheviks class restoration, not a popular character, and under these conditions, if it does not support allies, he will have to crash”, once said the General. These words of the chieftain proved prophetic, and after the defeat in the civil war, he immigrated to Germany.

Grandfather Krasnov

In the Third Reich Peter Krasnov, being already at an advanced age, acted with anti-Russian positions. His personal collaboration, as well as any in the war, was the greatest deception and a fatal mistake.:

“Cossacks! Remember, you are Russian, you Cossacks, independent people, he said in August of 1944 in Potsdam. – Russian hostile to you. Moscow has always been the enemy of the Cossacks. Crushed them and exploited. Now the hour was come, when we, Cossacks, could create its own independent of Moscow life.”

January 19, 1946 he was hanged in Moscow.

His literary legacy includes more than two dozen books, including “From double eagle to red flag”, “Amazon desert”, “For a Thistle”, “Everything goes”, “Fallen leaves”, “to Understand is to forgive,” “single, Indivisible”, “Largo”, “WYPALL”, “Feat”, “again”, “God With us”, “Lava”, “Regicide”, “Hate” (prize of the Catholic Church), and so on.

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