Should start school later? On this issue, the Parliament discussed now in the UK. The main reason is the Petition a student was: you argued online that the school should begin each day at ten o’clock. “Teenagers are so tired, because you have to get up early to go to school. The government should oblige schools to start later, with the lessons – that would also lead to a higher productivity,” explained your concerns.

More than 180,000 people on the official petition page of the British Parliament to this proposal. The led now that the subject came up in the House of Commons on the agenda. Also, some members supported in a first, non-binding discussion for a later lesson. “There are good scientific reasons, a Change in thinking,” said according to the British side, “TES”, the Labour politician, Daniel-signer, and pointed to studies from Singapore and Canada. He also cited parents, with whom he had spoken and had told him to move your child at 6: 30 to get Up, is so difficult to bring a dead to life.

brain research, sleep Longer, learn better: Why school starts early for Many students suffering from lack of sleep

in fact, some scholars argue for a later start of classes. You argue with the biorhythms of teenagers, which is different in the adolescent from the adult. The research centre of demographic change, the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences reports that lack of sleep is common among older students in Germany and would lead to concentration problems in school. Several sleep researchers recommend a at the beginning of class at nine. In Germany, too, is discussed again and again about a shift in the times of the lessons. So some schools try already in Hamburg, the model, the experiences are positive.

school starts too early, The state loses billions because Teenagers are not allowed to sleep

The Pro-arguments are not only related to the internal clock and the health of the school children. The school would not start in the Morning, but only in the course of the Morning, it could also relieve the road traffic and public transport in the Rush Hour. For teachers, it would be easier to find childcare for their small children, argue proponents. Even on the economy of a later start of classes could have a positive effect. A macroeconomic study of the American think-tank “RAND Corporation” found in 2017, the state budget could save within two years of the 8.6 billion dollars, if the lessons would be transferred beginning at 8.30 am.

opponents of the idea point out that many of the students would then have to go in the Winter home in the dark. Parents would have drawbacks, because you could spend as your own work starts earlier – less time with their children. During the discussion in the British Parliament gave also to bear in mind that a class begins at ten o’clock prepare for life in the Teens is inadequate to the professional – that’s where the working day usually starts earlier.

sources: “TES” / “Manchester Evening News” / REUTERS / “Hamburger Abendblatt” / “Later school start times in the U. S. – an economic analysis” (RAND Corporation)



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