Franziska Knuppe, Cathy Hummel and Bettina Zimmermann at the Inhorgenta Award (v. l. n. r)


While in Hollywood yet the Oscar preparations were in full swing, were awarded on Sunday evening in Munich, the “Oscars” (O-clay Moderator Alexander Mazza), the watch and jewelry industry for outstanding Designs and concepts. Also in the new Location of the third Inhorgenta Awards, the Eisbach Studios, brought a touch of Hollywood. Here are the Studio recordings for German and international cinema productions.

According to sparkled in the – in the truest sense Gala high profile – the prominent ladies of the bet, gave an insight into their favorite pieces of jewelry and also commemorated the recently deceased fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld.

Bettina Zimmermann wore no need for a wedding ring

Bettina Zimmermann (43), awarded for the first Time as one of nine members of the Jury, the Inhorgenta Award, and the black evening dress of Irene air opulent diamond jewelry from the “Fine Jewelry”-prize-winner, Hans D. Krieger, well-known to your personal preference for unusual jewelry. “If I decide for a piece of jewelry, it must be timeless and yet – in a way that I delight in it.” Your favorite jewelry is “the engagement ring of my grandma and a filigree with diamonds occupied ‘sisters-Ring’ I once bought my two sisters and me. Because I like it when jewelry has a special meaning.” Her Partner Kai Inger (52) noted it was already very beautiful jewelry gift – for a wedding ring you would, however, have no needs: “I think family is joined as a marriage”.

The unexpected death of fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld a few days ago, was also at the event theme. “I met him in connection with a photo shoot with his cat for Opel,” recalled carpenter to their encounter with the Designer legend. “It’s always funny when a seemingly immortal personalities go suddenly from us. He was a very special personality and an outstanding Designer who has, of course, also divided the minds. His death is for the world of fashion is a hard to couldn’t handle that loss.”

ox servant favorite jewelry: baby bracelets for your children

The skilled jewelry wife Natascha ochsenknecht (54), which is currently with her second children’s book, “Perlin – my greatest treasure” on a reading tour, revealed, which is the jewelry is close to her heart purchase: “these are the sweet little Baby-name-bracelets of my children from the hospital. The wars my children later on as a surprise package from me – maybe to your wedding.”

of Course, your wedding ring was especially a second wedding ring would be for you, however, are not in question: “I have said, I will never marry again. Heidi Klum is reportedly pregnant, and I have to constantly marry. I can’t hear it, it gets on my nerves!” With friend Oliver Schumann (47), however, is still “all good”.

saving Silverman in the Model Business

at the top of the “Jewelry Show” to kick off the fair is the proud Model had a fever-Mama in front of the first jewelry-presentation of their daughter, Cheyenne (19), more lamp than this one. Because the 19-Year-old wore on the Catwalk of high-quality jewelry of IsabelleFa. As a Model Cheyenne would run, of course, like in the case of a Show of Karl Lagerfeld, “because he was an icon.” They had but met the shadow side of the modeling Business: “There are always bitches in terror at the Models, I have also experienced myself. And it excites me, always the same faces like Kaia Gerber, Bella or Gigi Hadid, to be posted, and Models that have no known parents, have no Chance. I think that’s a shame.”

fan-attack by Karl Lagerfeld

TV presenter and book author Nina Ruge (62) (with a heavy hand-crafted gold jewelry, the manufactory Odenwald) revealed that a piece of jewelry is especially valuable. “The first piece of jewelry that was a gift from my husband: a very simple, but powerful Golden bangle he, I hope me with the words ‘, is so strongly presented our relationship’.”

About your encounters with Karl Lagerfeld, she said: “I have interviewed him several times. And once, when I approached him in front of one of the great Interviews, spontaneously, from the side: ‘hi, Mr. Lagerfeld, it’s great that you’re here’, he turned, I carved with his subjects on the head and said: ‘hi girls, it’s also slower?’ Nevertheless, I found him great, because he has no manners, and a free spirit.”

At the exclusive Gala with around 500 guests and the After-Show Party with DJ Chrissi D celebrated also in the Bavarian capital with: supermodel and judge, Franziska Knuppe, Model and presenter Cathy Hummels, Moderator Alexander Mazza, jewelry designer and jury member Patrik Muff, Model, and artist Zoe Helali and actress Gaby Dohm.



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