Hamburg (dpa) – Tesla is allowed to sell his hope Model 3 in Europe. The Dutch authority RDW has granted their final approval, as Tesla certified.

In both of the currently available variants of the Model 3, the E-car promotion of 4000 euros, as the current list of the Federal office of Economics and export control. The first vehicles are expected to be shipped on February.

The Model 3 is Tesla from the upper-class niche in a broader market. The prospect of a vehicle for $ 35,000 was made originally, so far, but are sold only more expensive and thus more lucrative options. In the USA, the cheapest Version will cost $ 45,000 before the electric car Vergüngstigungen and taxes. In Europe, Tesla sold a “Long Range”model to 58.400 Euro and a “Performance”version for 66.100 Euro each including VAT. Both qualify for the electric car promotion, because the net price is below € 60,000.

Current list of eligible vehicles.


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