Update from 25. January 2019: singer Maite Kelly surprised everyone with a violent statement about your health. In the “MDR”-show “Riverboat” confessed would suffer the 39-Year-old, that they are glands under an extreme shield. This would be reflected mainly in the diet of the singer. “You will not believe it, but I’m actually very focused on my diet,” said Kelly. Therefore the singer had to do without many things.

without the small violations, it is not for Maite Kelly. Despite all of the negative side effects of the disease, the 39-Year-old does not entirely to sweets such as cake. “I have my fun anyway sometimes. If cake, then!“

just a few days ago Maite Kelly to the love expressed From between Helene Fischer and Florian silver iron.

Update vom 17. January 2019, With a sweet love confession, Maite Kelly surprised everyone recently with their Fans. Because of the separation from Ex-husband Florent, it was Years of quiet to the 39. For the Public the message of love was the dream couple of the German music scene in October 2017, a shock. At the beginning of 2018, the two divorced. As it is, since then, to Maites love life, was not known for a long time. But now, Maite gave a sweet insight into her private life.

reported As “intouch”, seems to be Maite to still be Single, but the interest of men is clearly present. Your “impact Champions”-appearance, the 39-Year-old reveals: “I’m just going to red, when a great man who I really like, looks to me something deep in the eyes and I don’t want to betray me. Then I blush, then I look away and am quite shy.“

This love-confession heats up, presumably the hearts of their Fans and lets hope that Maite will find soon your luck.

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Maite Kelly with her sweet confession, the Fans ecstatic, shocked, Patricia Kelly with a nasty message on the family and the Public.

Maite Kelly: This “hot B****” is your new toy

Update from the 12. December 2018: Maite Kelly (39) has a new toy named Alexa. On Instagram, the 39 posts-Year-old a Video in which she spoke of her new-tried assistant and thief of their obedience is happy. “Wow, you do exactly what I say, this is Alexa. My Music!!“, the singer is happy.

she had ordered the Alexa in the Video for “play love sings anyway” by Maite Kelly. Prompt the song sounded from the speakers and Maite was able to grasp it visually, that really works. “Oh, my Gooooott!”, she shrieks into the camera and notes happy: Alexa was a “hot bitch”. Whether Alexa the compliment pleased?

check out this post on Instagram

Wow, you do exactly what I say, this is Alexa. My music!!! ☮Love it. Thank you @amazonmusicde #Alexa play #MaiteKelly #love conquers height anyway #instamusic #music #hit

A post shared by Maite Kelly (@maite_kelly) on Dec 12, 2018 at 5:03 PM PST

Maite Kelly reveals her Christmas gift: It’s a man

Update from the 1. December 2018: the night before the 1. Advent Florian silver iron was presented in the ARD “das adventsfest der 100.000 Lichter”. The show master is lit, together with many Stars of the first candle, and agreed with the viewers with the most beautiful advent and Christmas songs on the contemplative time of the year. Maite Kelly owes this Show a memorable experience, as she revealed on her Instagram Accout. The singer posted a photo with Rolando Villazon. “Two weeks ago, I managed, finally, my favorite singer from the area of classical music to experience live. The advent festival of 100.000 lights“ could I meet him in person… I have so much laughter … like for a long time. That was my advent gift and I feel gratitude …“, writes Maite Kelly.

look, have you made this post on Instagram

two weeks Ago, I got it, my favorite singer from the area of classical music to experience live. It has touched me deeply. @Rolando Villazon is a true master of his craft who takes the music very seriously, but not too much. So he draws a spell on everybody, whether they are classical music Fan or not, just in his. Yesterday at the rehearsal for “The advent festival of 100.000 lights” could I meet him personally… I’ve laughed a lot about art, people and life’s philosophy. That was my Christmas gift and ich feel a great gratitude for the beautiful gifts of heaven! In this sense, we will celebrate tonight together with Florian silver iron, the most beautiful Show of the year… #Rolando Villazon #thankful #inspiration #dassdventsfestder100000lichter #tvshow #ard #forlove win anyway

A post shared by Maite Kelly (@maite_kelly) on Dec 1, 2018 at 8:24 am PST

Maite Kelly Gets a jab from the Ex moved out?

Update vom 30. November 2018: Twelve years of Maite was married to Kelly with the Model, Florent Raimond, in the autumn of 2017, the Couple announced its separation. Since then there has been a lot of speculation about the private life of the two. Especially her Ex-husband heats up with confusing Posts on Social Media again and again the rumor mill.

In the last time you saw often the Brazilian Model Graciela to Raimonds page. As described, posted it in mid-October even a photo of yourself in a “day care for husbands”. The Fans wondered: Has married the Model again? Florent Raimond latest Facebook Post but at least as for guesswork. On the picture you can see him at a photo shoot with a woman, apparently they are supposed to represent a loving couple. So far, So normal – but what he’s including writes, confused: “The Problem is that we leave our Beloved ones, and so to love, as we ourselves love.”

What Raimond writes with this cryptic message? Maybe he plays on his currently complicated relationship status – maybe even a nasty hand blow against his Ex-wife Maite Kelly. He criticized since, for example, the behavior of the singer during their marriage? In addition, the inTouch speculated at least. The Fans don’t seem to interfere, however, a really philosophical Post, and hardworking Likes and heart Emojis. The User does not go on the Statement of the model and write: “a Great man” or “Florent, always nice to look at”.

Maite Kelly tells a touching story of her Tour

Update vom 17. November 2018: Maite Kelly has made on Instagram as a touching confession. She begins her serious concern with the words: “… what was me to the heart…”. After that, the singer explained that she had a conversation with a woman, and this is exactly addressed what Kelly thought, apparently, often. “I immediately wanted to book for the new Tour a Ticket, but then I saw you play at the Lanxess-Arena… and I thought to myself, these big halls are so cold, as the Personal is lost in you,” said the woman to the artist.

Kelly writes: “I listened to her very carefully and told her that that was exactly my concern as my tour operator told me, Maite, we can work with you in the Lanxess-Arena, in the Mercedes-Benz Arena, etc.”.

Normally it is the dream of a musician to be able to the biggest halls to fill. But not for Kelly. Your proximity to the audience seems to be more important all others. “Every individual who comes to me, I would like to embed into great music, poetry, beauty, Humor. And most of all, I want you to go, all charged with life force and love force back to everyday life,“ says the 38-Year-old.

A pretty emotional Post, the musician, who is apparently concerned about the Welfare of their Fans.

check out this post on Instagram

…what was me to the heart… dear friends, yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a very sympathetic woman. She said to me, Maite, I was recently in your concert and I immediately wanted to book for the new Tour a Ticket, but then I saw you play at the Lanxess-Arena… and I thought to myself, these big halls are so cold, as the Personal is lost on you. I listened to her very carefully and told her exactly my concerns was when my tour operator told me, Maite, we can work with you in the Lanxess-Arena, in the Mercedes-Benz Arena, etc. I said to him, ok – but only if we don’t go further, faster, higher, but deeper, more personal, and warmer! Every individual who comes to me, I would like to embed into great music, poetry, beauty, Humor. And most of all, I want you all to be loaded with life force and love force goes back into your everyday life! The Show I’m building. And I promise that we will all be very close. We have a large, competent Team that feels exactly what I stand for. It is the heart, the crazy mink, loves too much, and for the other shakes. You can be sure of – so-crazy I am – those who know me, know that I never forget why I’m doing this. There’s still so much junk can be on the Internet, I give each and every one of you that has spent the hard-earned money for a Ticket, to me his precious time, in the eye – and, above all, in the heart! Each and every one of you a big thank you for the confidence in me. We see us… I’m waiting for you! PS: Yesterday, I, as a Working Mum, a night alone indulged in – and I will be able to experience after five years, finally my favorite singers from the classical music area live. After a hectic day, between Kids, home office, and preparing a Tour that was an anointing for my soul. Thank You, Rolando Villazon! A man, an artist who takes his work seriously, but themselves not too much. Respect! #Rolando Villazon #thoughts #live #concert #fanlove #forlove win anyway

A post shared by Maite Kelly (@maite_kelly) on Nov 16, 2018 at 4:04 PST

embarrassing appearance for Maite Kelly in the TV Show “Win Your Song”

Update from 15. November 2018: On ProSieben four thunder days runs from today, in a row, the new Show “Win Your Song”. Will be hosted the evening of Joko winter scheidt, the stems on the Facebook page “Joko and Klaas” once the advertising drum. The first candidate of the Show, which must now compete in the evening against each other, are also already known: Maite Kelly and Max Giesinger.

The principle of the Show is simple. Two musicians compete in various Games against each other. After each game, the loser gets a special “Win Your Song”-Instrument, which he must share with an Instrument of his Band. A candidate loses a round, he gets, for example, a three-stringed, and out-of-tune guitar. The well-functioning guitar in the Band then, is to be replaced with the fun-version of the Show. In the end, the musicians perform with her Band, including special instruments. Who gets more approval from the audience, wins the Show.

Also interesting: Since her separation from husband Sky has changed Mirja du Mont visually quite beautiful. From the well-behaved blonde a wicked Vamp was after.

But Maite Kelly in one of the games not good at all and make a fool of himself. The task: Both the Schlager singer, as well as Max Giesinger get headphones and heard no more, what happens in the Studio. Meanwhile, a Song that the Moderator must audition to be running. Be the first to recognize the Song just by Jokos dance arts, has won the round.

in The game, the absolute hit-Hit “cowboys and Indians” (“Come get the Lasso out …”), the victory Maite Kelly so safely in the bag – I would like to think! However, the Pop-singer Max Giesinger is coming in front of her on the song title, and Kelly admits that she had heard the Song before. “The Song? Absolute Top Ten-Malle-Hit,” Giesinger, the Ex-candidate of “The Voice of Germany”. Pretty embarrassing for a pop singer! Even if Maite Kelly controls stylistically in a different direction than Ballermann-Hits.

Maite Kelly gives intimate insights: “If I’m with a man …”

Update from the 8. November 2018, 15.10 clock:

Maite Kelly in the profession with her second solo album really starts, her love life is currently relatively poor. Since the divorce from the husband Florent Raimond, the 38-Year-old is officially Single. They had said that a woman of your caliber was quickly withdrawn from the market (and also a hint that it might already be so). However, Kelly white, “the love that comes unasked, and she is doing what she’s doing.”

compared To schlagerplanet.com the pop-Star speaks very openly about his own stormy side, and the great danger of too exuberant feelings. “When I’m with a man, I give myself to him completely. This can go well or not,“ she says. Sounds like a lot of passion to give to Kelly. Only Mr. Right, who knows how to appreciate is actually missing.

Update from the 6. November 2018, 14.37 at:

Maite Kelly’s after her career with the Kelly Family solo as a singer successful. She has just released her second hits album. And also private when it comes to the 38-Year-old turbulent. As in the NDR talk show on Friday her divorce from husband Florent Raimond came to the language, could not resist the singer, apparently a commentary on the separation of Boris and Lilly Becker. “So, when I see Boris and Lilly, I know why it is good sometimes to be silent,” said Kelly, adding: “With all my love to Boris and Lilly.”

Maite Kelly price Also had to Worry about their children. “I’m really trying to protect my children with all the resources there are,” said Kelly. You have “no end of money, the last year issued” to protect your children “in front of Paparazzi, in front of this penetrance, this indiscretion, especially now with the Internet,” said the mother of three children, in the TV show. “It’s hurtful,” added the singer. However, it is nice that you have decided, nevertheless, to present even more glamorous and intimate on stage.

Maite Kelly shows openly in WDR-documentation

Update from the 5. November, 2018: In the WDR documentary “The hippie child of the Superstar” Maite Kelly now open insight into your intimate life and your body is feeling. “If you buy a Maite Kelly Ticket, then there’s the waves and dents, which can be fun,” she says deliberately in the documentary itself. “I wasn’t the ‘pretty girl’, the Princess with the Golden plates”, but she had been that surprised. Maite Kelly is at your curvy figure and can put you in the scene.

on your love life. In 2017, she separated from Model Florent Michel Raimond. After 13 years of marriage, the divorce followed. “I only need a man in my bed.” A man who loves you – just as it is.

Maite Kelly: a Mysterious hint and open words about your heavy time

Update from the 2. November, 2018: In a Controversial Maite Kelly spoke honestly about the time of the marriage. Taking a break, was on the run, after your relationship with Florent Raithe moon was gone in the fractures. “I wanted to enjoy the calm before the media. Because this is a topic that belongs only to me and the father of my children. That was, I think, a wise decision,“ explains the 38-Year-old.

Still your heart has not given up yet: “of Course I believe in love. Happened to me also often. Love is always a gift,“ she says. And it is possible that she has already found a new man, at least you made (see below), a corresponding hint.

Maite Kelly continues: “I soon go to the 40. If I sum up the plus/minus, I come to the result: The love wins anyway.“

you quoted the title of their new album, which is released in October. The da reads: “The love wins anyway”.

Update vom 31. October, 2018: Who is interested in Maite Kelly, who on Wednesday evening (31. October), a TV-obligation appointment! “Maite Kelly – From hippie child to Superstar” runs from 22.10 to 22.55 clock in the WDR-television. You also advertises in Facebook:

The Film is also to be seen in the WDR Mediathek.

Maite Kelly is currently a regular guest on television and has nothing against your private life. On The Contrary! She thanked the Team of “Explosive”, “you show me how I am and how I stand in life. That was a nice twist that I like with all the parts.“

The “Explosive”Video in the library:

Maite Kelly with a surprising suggestion: “don’t go I to Detail, but …”

Cologne – “A woman like me does not stay long on the market,” says Maite Kelly self-aware in an Interview with “The new leaf”. Since January of this year, the 38-divorced-Year-old from her husband Florent Raimond (42). Last October, the two via Facebook announced that they would initially go their separate Ways.

In an Interview with the tabloid, the singer suggests something: “I can’t go into Detail, but a clever man to get a woman like me.”

Maite Kelly, who is now a solo successfully and unlike many of its siblings is not part of the common stages-comeback of the Kelly Family is, seem already to be for a new love. Or has found it already. On the subject of divorce, the 38 adds-Year-old: “…if it’s a question of whether love in my life, I can only say clearly: Yes. I am sought.“

there is No hope of love-Comeback

Fans had long hoped for a love Comeback of Maite Kelly and Florent Raimond, but at least with this Facebook Post last week, the Ex had dampened the hopes.

On a photo of the 42-Year-old next to a sign that says “Husband Day Care Centre is translated as” (: “to see husband-day-care-center”). His comment: “We found this perfect spot for the day where I recieved care & understanding” (translated: “We found this perfect place for the day that I get support and understanding.”).

discovered However, how to by clicking in the edit history of the Posts, was his original comment “My wife found this perfect spot for the day where I recieved care & understanding”. His Wife? This was also noticed by many users, how to read in the comments. On the question of some of the followers, whether he was again married, responsive Maites Ex-husband with a thumbs up. The new woman at his side is Graciela.

Angelo Kelly in the headlines:

Angelo Kelly in disguise for TV Show, in order not to be recognized and reap the harvest of any amount of mockery

Meanwhile, Michael Patrick Kelly has received mad love from Yvonne Strahovski.



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