Than Austria surprised the Soviet soldiers after the great Patriotic war

History 25/03/20 Than Austria surprised the Soviet soldiers after the great Patriotic

the territory occupied after the Soviet victory in the great Patriotic war of the Austrian contingent of Soviet troops was the most numerous of all departments of the anti-Hitler coalition.
it is Now fashionable to discuss the topic of large-scale and heterogeneous excesses in the Russian occupied Austrian territory, but hardly anyone speaks about what the Soviet leadership in the first months after the war in Austria was created and for a number of years effectively functioned according to the laws of the capitalist economy a concern, ASIA.

Dubious statistics

the Occupation of Austria by Soviet troops began in late March 1945, since the complete suppression of the resistance in this territory divisions of Nazi Germany. In early April Stalin signed a Directive on the organization on the occupied territory of the new administration and the smooth operation for the formation of the interim government. Immediately, it was officially declared: the Red Army fighting against the Nazis, not the peaceful Austrians are no lands to the Soviet Union from Austria is not necessary – “we are going to restore and maintain order, until you establish a peaceful life.” And that’s all.

According to various sources, in Austria, until 1955 there were about 400 thousand Soviet soldiers. Contemporary foreign authors publish data on hundreds of thousands of raped by red army soldiers Austrian, by the country. The product of this “love” and cohabitation of officers and soldiers of the red army with women living in Austria – supposedly about 20 thousand children.

This screaming contradictory statistics because it is mainly obtained as a result of analysis of their own reasoning publicists, relying on questionable data from the point of reliability of the sources.

foreign commentators give figures monstrous “robbing” of the occupied countries, according to ettheir sources, more than 30 thousand cars with the equipment, resources, and equipment were sent from Austria to the Soviet Union a few years of occupation.

the Scale exported from Austria industrial property can be compared with the plans of the USSR on reparations, which were all without exception countries of Hitler’s coalition. Of course, we cannot ignore the relationship of Austrian women with Soviet soldiers. These contacts were quite active (still numerous contingent of the Soviet Army was in Austria after 1945 for 10 years).

However, Russian experts believe that “probably 270 thousand women were raped” is, to put it mildly, overkill: astrike, if cohabited with the red army, most often with the consent of the post – war shortage of male population is not much of a choice left.

Dazed from hitherto unprecedented

Perhaps the only indisputable fact that characterizes Soviet soldiers in occupied Austria, there was evidence of tremendous impressions of the conquerors received them in the time of acquaintance with the life of the defeated Austrians. Officers and soldiers of the red army shocked many: equipping the communal facilities even in provincial villages, widespread electrification, a high level of prosperity all categories of the population. Many soldiers, watching all this, did not hesitate to compare, claiming that in the USSR it lives in the near future is unlikely to be achieved.

Such conversations and sentiment were nipped in the Bud – the officer found to be “anti-Soviet agitation”, risked, at least, demotion, dismissal from the armed forces and the exclusion from the ranks of the CPSU. Happened, and gave to the Tribunal. The Soviet administration of occupied Austria was a rigidly structured organization, which included the departments involved in the maintenance of order (as among the local population and units of the red army), counterintelligence, economic and many other issuemi.

ASIA – an island of Soviet capitalism

Until the mid 50-ies in Austria (Soviet zone of occupation) under the control of the government of the USSR had an entire industrial group consisting of more than 300 companies. In this case, the production facilities previously owned by the Third Reich, transported to the Soviet Union under the program of reparations, and worked for the good of the country-the conqueror directly in the place of “dislocation”. These private facilities have worked more than 50 thousand of the Austrians.

According to the method of functioning of the enterprise management of Soviet property in Austria (USIA) was a market, their main objective was to maximize profit, which eventually fully settled in the Soviet military Bank. Investments in manufacturing and innovation, however, there was not engaged. So when it came to transfer these factories formed the Austrian government and the enterprises were almost bankrupt.

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