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the Objective behind NATO’s troop strength, resource and economic base, Russia compensates for the constant improvement of the quality of their weapons.

in Addition to being on the agenda of the new missile-nuclear weapons, NATO fears Russian submarines, air defense systems, and, of course, airplanes. The latter especially, as the submarines and the nuclear deterrent, still go to the course in the most extreme case, and such a weapon as the planes, is used, unfortunately almost every day on the fronts of numerous local wars.

Modern aircraft in real local conflicts in the absence of a nuclear exchange, plays a huge role.

the Great powers constantly involve directly or indirectly their aircraft in these wars. Among the Russian aircraft causing concern among NATO military it is difficult to select the best. However, indirect data on the characteristics of combat aircraft, what military and analysts still a certain TOP Russian aircraft-threats to aviation Alliance formed.


multi-role fighter fourth generation MiG-29, NATO “Fulcrum”, was adopted in Soviet years, in 1983, and is currently in service with the Russian army. A relatively small aircraft, developed quite a long time and produced EN masse (as possible for such weapons) is still quite a threat to Western competitors, such as the F-16.

the Fighter has a high maneuverability and capable of carrying missiles for air melee, and for the destruction of targets on the ground. When developing the MiG-29 and among his tasks was the designated escort of attack aircraft, to protect them from American fighters.

in addition, since the beginning of operation of the aircraft section of thehave lalsa numerous modifications. He is actively exported, and it is known for its use in the skies over Yugoslavia, Syria and Donbass. By 2015, the company “MiG” released nearly 1,600 aircraft of this type.

the SU-35

multi-purpose fighter SU-35, NATO classification – “Flanker-E+” is considered a model aircraft at the junction of the fourth and fifth generation combat aircraft. The aircraft was developed in the years after the confrontation between the two systems and was created under the corresponding goal.

the Fighter, who made his first flight in 2008, were identified in the Western press as extremely dangerous for most NATO aircraft also equipped with the technology “stealth”.

SU-35 is working on the engine AL-41F1S, which belongs to the equipment of aircraft of the fifth generation, can reach a speed of 2,390 km/h, and its radius is 1600 km.

This type of fighter carries missiles “air-air” as small and medium-range missiles and a range of missiles to destroy ground targets, with a total limit of combat load 8,000 kg. by 2015, the aircraft of this type was planned to deliver only to the Russian army, however, in recent years signed contracts with China and Indonesia.


the Plane, causing nervousness among NATO military and is one of the main aircraft in service with the Russian army. SU-27, NATO “Flanker-B” entered service of the Soviet troops in 1982 (with the start of operation 3 years later) and was developed as a direct response to the American F-15.

This fighter belongs to the fourth generation, is designated as weatherproof, and the main goal in its development was the opposition of enemy fighters and to ensure air superiority, with the possibility of active application in the melee.

On the basis of the SU-27, a large number of modified aircraft, and the above-mentioned SU-35 is considered one of such modifications. Despite the fact that the SU-27 belongs to the fifth generation fighter and is inferior in characteristics to the American stealth aircraft, equipped with the technology “stealth” like the F-22, its high flexibility, its special characteristics, allows the potential to compete with many NATO aircraft to successfully accomplish goals and to evade more modern competitors.

Max speed fighter – 2525 km/h.

with so much history and high prevalence of this aircraft and its modifications, SU-27 took part in many local conflicts, though never faced with their American competitors (for official information). In addition to the mass distribution in the armed forces, the SU-27 procured and produced in China and India.

Partial list of

This list of the best fighters rather relative: there are many other aircraft of different types, as Soviet and modern Russian, which doesn’t give the above in many respects and I can’t get troops from NATO countries.

Among them, the newest fifth-generation fighter, the SU-57 (T-50 project PAK FA – prospective airborne complex of frontline aviation), which has a number of unique characteristics and possible tested now in Syria (officially tests are completed and the aircraft returned to Russia).

Also, we should remember the strategic bomber TU-160. It’s still a Soviet legend, possessing amazing for this type of aircraft, speed 2220 km/h, with a range of 7300 km (range 3,000 km), outpacing the characteristics of U.S. bombers B1-B Lancer and B-52.

This is just the most vivid examples showing that Russian military aircraft have something to counter aircraft of the NATO countries.

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