Than the Chinese fighter J-16 better than the Russian su-27

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Americans with fear watching as the new Chinese strike fighter J-16 in large numbers go on combat aircraft of China. Plus, these machines have significant potential for further improvement. Moreover, technological developments of the J-16 has helped Shenyang aircraft Corporation to create the fifth generation fighter Chengdu J-20 “Black eagle”. Meanwhile, J-16 is a modification – even revolutionary – a Russian su-27, and a contract for its sale is not allowed any changes.

the Revolutionary modification

the Twin-engined all-weather fighter J-16 was developed by the Shenyang aircraft Corporation (Shenyang Aircraft Corporation) for the air force people’s liberation army (PLA). This machine, according to many experts, is the most famous today is the revolutionary modification of foreign glider. No one in the world could carry out such volume and quality changes of another aircraft.

Recall, this “drying”, the Chinese bought in the 90-ies of the last century and was produced under license by building this in his country a number of specialized factories.

the Fighter to attack

Naum Semyonovich Chernyakov, chief designer of the su-27, was awarded his creation perfect maneuverability, which still provides the aircraft with advanced capabilities in air combat. Although the machine was created as a fighter of the 4th generation, but the introduction by the Chinese of new technologies allowed to carry J-16 by the 4++. Furthermore, placement on J-16 missiles and bombs dramatically increased the power of his blows, both ground and sea targets.

And this in turn made the aircraft J-16 is the most formidable asset of the PLA aviation for decades to come. In fact, the Shenyang aircraft Corporation timesworked as China’s first strike fighter, while the predecessors of the J-11B and J-8II was designed solely for the defense of mainland China.

Punched like sneakers

If you believe the Western reports, in 2018, the aircraft of the PLA gets strike fighter J-16 in some incredible numbers. Exact numbers are not known, but something is still leaking into the public sphere. Insights about the speed of the conveyor Assembly of these machines is made of analysis of flight numbers for certain airplanes, whose photographs published by the official Chinese media.

Fighter J-16 is a competitor to the expensive aircraft F-15E Strike Eagle of the U.S. air force and SU-34 “Hell duck” VKS RF, though, and stands out for its unique design. However, neither we nor the Americans can’t “rivet” strike fighters 4++ such a frantic pace, At least according to overseas experts.

Note that according to its characteristics, the J-16 is superior to the American F-15C Eagle and “Russian” su-30. In particular “Chinese” immediately capable of tracking 6-8 targets, and equipped with smart missiles “air-air” PL-15 with a range of over 150 km And is much more dangerous than what he’s capable missiles AIM-120C radar and American F-15C Eagle. And our aircraft missile R-27, installed on the su-30, hits so far, up to a maximum of 110 km.

Fighter with a powerful EW

the Americans have studied the electronic warfare (EW), lined with a fighter J-16, and came to a sad conclusion. It turns out that this “Chinese” capable of producing “electronic” attacks on the level of a specialized carrier-based electronic warfare aircraft, the US Navy’s Boeing EA-18 Growler.

Because the funds have significant EW capabilities (no wonder leading countries are investing in this weapon a lot of money), J-16 has become one of the most formidable platforms in the world for electronic warfare in the air. By the way, these systems was designed for the fighter 5th generation Chengdu J-20 “Black eagle”. So fighter jet J-16 has a technicalolayemi that are typical for aircraft of the next generation.

synergy opportunities

Apparently, the Chinese are very happy with the fighter J-16. They got maneuverable, shock, and having the purse system electronic warfare aircraft, also not very expensive. Now Beijing shrugged and restricts Washington from the South China sea. Plus, the Pentagon cautious glances on the future of military aviation of China.

to neutralize the force of the strike fighter J-16, the Yankees should have in the Pacific region, a significant number of aircraft of the 5th generation F-22 and F-35. However, the power and finances do not allow US to stamp these high-tech machines as fast as it makes the Shenyang aircraft Corporation.

Unauthorized alterations of the su-27

meanwhile, in the late 80-ies of the PLA air force possessed a fleet of a weak fighter, the J-5, J-6 and J-7. The backlog of States were estimated in the tens of years and seemed untouchable. Then the Chinese pilots could become easy prey for the American pilots, if suddenly there was a conflict between the US and China.

on the one hand experts of the Shenyang aircraft Corporation received a contract of su-27, made unauthorized changes to our “drying” on the other – becoming a major customer in the 90-ies, they actually saved a dying without money for defense aviation industry of Russia. In addition, you need to remember that these characteristics are not always confirmed in combat. This fully applies to the system of training and motivation of pilots.

By the way, the Germans during the 2nd World war had the best to fighters, but the battle for the skies, however, lost to Soviet pilots. In conclusion, the Chinese, the author notes that the purchase of su-27 and subsequent work in the framework of the “project 11” was of great significance for the PLA air force.

as of the end of the 1980s, the Chinese air force had antediluvian and a small amount and only because of these purchases began to turn into realsludge in the future having a powerful technological breakthrough. Note that, despite the gigantic scale of the unauthorized transfer and flow technology in China, these projects were crucial to the survival of the Russian aviation industry in the 1990s and early 2000-ies.

Alexander Sitnikov

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