I come from Lenggries. This is in the foothills of the Alps close to the Austrian border. In our County was triggered because of all the snow last week, the disaster alarm. The kids had! all the school and even the Söder was due to the worrying situation here in the County town of Bad Tölz We were all proud of, that’s why! Only with us it’s snowing so beautiful that even the Söder.

I did a TV report in the First in our village to be seen! But Hello! What I saw there has me irritated at first and then smile. Similar reports came in all the other stations, and on all Online platforms. I thought at first, since it goes to a different village, so dramatically described. Snow chaos in Lenggries, Brauneck closed, the neighboring village of Jachenau from the outside world cut off, the highest avalanche warning level, not more bomb disposal at the end of the forces, schools closed, buildings at risk due to snow load collapse, citizens know more – winter of the Century. Uiuiuiuiui!


Claudia Herrmann says about himself: “I am the best mother and the best wife. And certainly not the best daughter. Perfection, others may not – I. At some point I’ve decided that doesn’t matter to me. This works best with a huge dose of self-irony.”

©Private So dramatically, it is really not!

In real it is different. It starts with the fact that it is every Winter a lot of snow. This time it was a little bit more. My God, what is s. 2009,’we had a lot more snow. Whether it is 70 cm snow or 90 cm is then no matter. We are here to set it. All the blades have enough snow, vehicles with all-wheel drive and a snow blower to clear the driveway. If the snow is so heavy that we need to clear the roof, we don’t need the Bundeswehr. In the street, all boys between the ages of 16 and 26 will be tumbled together, in a collective action on Saturday diligently all the roofs in the street. Finished. If any one has any snow blower, he can borrow the neighbors easily. The elderly couple next door, have no children, will be evicted without a lot of to ask just the driveway, the walkway and the roof. Without a lot of fuss.

Meanwhile, we hear again and again the Avalanche detonations from the mountain, “boom”, until it strikes something. Our neighbouring valley of the Jachenau, was about five days snowed in and cut off from the world. That sounds terribly dramatic. In reality, it’s different. I did with my friend Miriam – the Mirli – on the phone in the Jachenau during the time. “You here’s super! The streets are blocked at the End, but here are free! And no traffic! All children and young people to go skiing because the lift operator is the small Lift to run. This is in the forest. So, not avalanche risk. The Kids free offers all about school and all day driving the Lift up and down. We adults make all of the long-run. Super Conditions! And no other guests for the day. Nothing here is finally going on the trail! For us, this is like a holiday!” So the reality is. Not so dramatic, is it??

Bayern series At Lord’s dahoam Bayern survive or: “Only the Lord God and the butcher know what is in the “Leberkas ” inside”, Only the external check it is not

that’s Why you are allowed to go skiing, of course, not in an avalanche-prone slope. Especially, if you are not familiar. The make up here on the Brauneck constantly any would-be skiers …, well, Foreign. From time to time a is buried by the avalanche! This could be avoided! A native not like that. Because we have the forces of respect for the nature. But also not a totally exaggerated fear. Snowed in!!! Uiuiuiui!

last week, it has with us over the weekend to 70 cm of snow. The blades i.e., blades, vanes … Then winter is over leaves for the service and pushes a Half-Meter-wide frozen snow dice in the driveway, you have to get somehow back on the road. The hedge must be freed from the snow, otherwise they bend. The second vehicle without four-wheel drive stays in the Garage. The Parking space in the work is shoveled every day.

you can run the sled through the village, up on the Reiseralm on a mulled wine, funny slide back downhill back down, and the sleigh up to the front door! Where’s that?!

Bayern series At Lord’s home is The most Important part of the cat-education is to always stay consistent – so in theory, The Pets p> freaking out, too

Our neighbors have rabbits. A Two-Piece. A brown, a white. They wanted to take the time out in the fresh air and have the two, in the covered part of the terrace, the controls leave a bit to run. The brown hare has avoided the snow. The white has thrown himself with a courageous leap in and is missing since then. You have called him two hours, and according to him, dug. But at 70 cm! Hopeless.

Bayern series At Lord’s dahoam Is’ really beautiful here! What is happening in Bavaria – even if you can hardly believe it-no Worry to us!

The hare has dug their own system of tunnels in the snow of the garden. It always looks for new cave entrances. The neighbors, out of place at night, feed in the Morning. I think the Bunny is happy and is in the spring, after the snow has melted away, found again.

My son was happy! Even the vocational school in Lindau has been made for three days of sealing. For the purpose of the non-secured bus services. And with the roof of the vocational school, they also had concerns. Since the Bundeswehr came to the free blades.

Here was the most Dramatic of the runaway Bunny. We’ve had a lot of bad Winter. Never what happened. In Bad Tölz. With only half as much snow as we do. People come here in a hundred years, with the snow. But, mia is couldn’t care less.

thank God for the Söder. I don’t know what we would have otherwise made! Thankse, Markus!


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