The abdication of Nicholas II: mysteries

History 10/03/20 the Abdication of Nicholas II: mysteries

the Abdication of Nicholas II was a landmark event for the Russian stories. The overthrow of the monarchy could not happen in a vacuum, it has been prepared. He contributed to many internal and external factors.

Revolution, regime change, and overthrow the rulers do not happen instantly. It is always time-consuming, expensive operation, which involved as direct executors or passive, but no less important for the result kardebalet.
the Overthrow of Nicholas II was planned long before the spring of 1917, when there was a historic abdication of the last Russian Emperor from the throne. Kakima path led to the fact that the centuries-old monarchy was defeated, and Russia was embroiled in revolution and the fratricidal Civil war?

Public opinion

Revolution is happening primarily in the minds; the change of the ruling regime is impossible without a lot of work over the minds of the ruling elite and the population of the state. Today, this method of influence is called “through soft power.” In the prewar years and during the First world war, foreign countries, especially England, have begun to show in relation to unusual sympathy.

British Ambassador to Russia, Buchanan conjunction with the Minister of foreign Affairs of England gray has organized two visits of delegations from Russia to Albion. First to feel the location to Britain drove Russian liberal writers and journalists (Nabokov, Egorov, Shoes, Tolstoy, etc.) for them on the cruise went policy (Milyukov, Radkevich, oznobishin, etc.).

the Meeting of Russian guests was furnished in England with all chic: banquets, meetings with the king, a visit to the house of lords, universities. Returning writers returning excitedly began to write about how in England well how strong her army, as a good parliamentary…

But returning “Duma members” and all stood in February 1917, the vanguard of a revolution and were included in the Interim government. Established relations between the British establishment and the Russian opposition has led to the fact that during the allied conference held in Petrograd in January 1917, the head of the British delegation Milner sent to Nicholas II, Memorandum, which almost demanded to be made part of the government necessary for the British people. The king of this request ignored, but the “right people” in government have been.

national advocacy

how the massive propaganda and the “people’s mail” on the eve of the overthrow of Nicholas II, can be seen in one interesting document – the diary of a farmer Zamaraeva, which is kept today in the Museum of the city of Totma in the Vologda region. The farmer kept a journal for over 15 years.

After the abdication of the king, he made the following entry: “Nicholas Romanov and his family deposed, are all under arrest and get all the products along with other cards. Indeed, they did not care about the welfare of their people, and people’s patience is exhausted. They have brought their country to hunger and darkness. What was done to them in the Palace. A horror and a shame! Ruled the state not Nicholas II, and Rasputin was a drunkard. Replaced and dismissed all the princes, including the commander-in-chief Nikolai Nikolaevich. Everywhere in all the cities of the new office, the old police no.”

the Military factor

the Father of Nicholas II, Emperor Alexander III used to say: “throughout the world we have only two true allies-our army and Navy. Everyone else at the first opportunity, they will turn against us.” Tsar-the peacemaker knew what he’s talking about. How was played the “Russian card” in the First world war, clearly showed that he was right, the allies were in fact unreliable Western partners.

the creation of the creation of this bloc was on hand, primarily France and England. Russia’s role was regarded as “allies” in a rather pragmatic way. Ambassador FRas well in Russia, Maurice Paleologue wrote: “On the cultural development of the French and Russian are not on the same level. Russia is one of the most backward countries in the world. Compare this to the ignorant unconscious mass of our army all of our soldiers with education; at the forefront of fighting young forces, which manifested themselves in art, in science, talented people and sophisticated; it’s the cream of humanity… From this point of view, our losses will be more sensitive than the Russian losses.”

The same Palaeologus 4 August 1914 tearfully begged Nicholas II: “I beg Your Majesty to order Your troops to go into an immediate offensive, otherwise the French army is in danger of being crushed…”.

the King ordered have not completed the mobilization of troops to advance. For the Russian army rush was a disaster, but France was saved. Now it is surprising to read about it considering that by the time of the war, the standard of living in Russia (in big cities) was not below the standard of living in France. The involvement of Russia in the Entente is only a move in the game played against Russia. The Russian army was presented to the Anglo-French allies inexhaustible reservoir of human resources, and its onset was associated with a steam roller, hence one of the leading positions of Russia in the Entente, in fact, an important element of the “triumvirate” of France, Russia and great Britain.

For Nicholas II bet on the Entente was losing. Significant losses were suffered by Russia in the war, desertion, unpopular decisions that have been forced to accept the Emperor – all this weakened his position and led to the inevitable renunciation.


the Document of abdication of Nicholas II is considered a very controversial, but the fact of the renunciation is reflected, including, in the diary of the Emperor: “Ruza Morning came and read your long conversation over the wire with Rodzianko. According to him, the situation in Petrograd is such that now the Ministry from the Duma is powerless if anything to do with him fighting social.-dem. the party in the face of the working Committee. My abdication is necessary. Russcue gave this talk in a bid, and all in-chief Alekseev. For 2½ h. the replies came from all. The bottom line is that in order to save Russia and keep the army at the front quiet you need to take this step. I agreed. Of Bets sent a draft of the Manifesto. The evening arrived from Petrograd Guchkov and Shulgin, with whom I spoke and gave them the signed and altered Manifesto. In the morning left Pskov with a heavy feeling of the experience. Circle treason, cowardice and deceit!”.

And what about the Church?

surprisingly, the official Church to the abdication of the Anointed reacted calmly. The official Synod had issued a proclamation to the children of the Orthodox Church, to recognize the new government.

Almost immediately stopped the prayer, the remembrance of the Imperial family, prayers were thrown out words with the mention of the king and the king’s House. The Synod went letters from believers with questions, isn’t it perjury to support the Church of the new power because Nicholas II abdicated voluntarily, and in fact was overthrown. But the revolutionary turmoil of the answer to this question no one got.

it is fair to say that the newly elected Patriarch Tikhon later it adopted a decision on universal service or a memorial service with prayers for Nicholas II as the Emperor.

Shuffle authorities

After the abdication of Nicholas II the official organ of power in Russia became the Provisional government. However, in reality it was a puppet and unsustainable structure. Its creation was initiated, its collapse also became natural. The Tsar was already overthrown, the allies had any way to delegitimize the authorities in Russia, that our country was unable to participate in the postwar reconstruction of borders.

to Do this with the Civil war and the coming to power of the Bolsheviks was elegant and a win-win solution. The interim government “surrendered” is very consistent: it did not hinder Lenin propaganda in the army, turned a blind eye to the creation of illegal armed formations in the face Torasnoi guard, strongly pursued those generals and officers of the Russian army, which had warned of the danger of Bolshevism.

the Newspapers

significantly, what was your reaction to the February revolution and the news of the abdication of Nicholas II the world’s tabloids.
In the French press made a version that the Tsar’s regime fell in Russia as a result of three days of a hunger riot. French journalists have resorted to analogy: the February revolution – a reflection of the revolution of 1789. Nicholas II, like Louis XVI presented the “weak monarch”, who “had an adverse influence of his wife” “German” Alexander, comparing it with the impact of the “Austrian” Maria-Antoinette the king of France. The image of the “German Helena” came in very handy, in order to once again show the detrimental effect of Germany.

the German press gave a different vision: “the End of the Romanov dynasty! Nicholas II signed his abdication for himself and his minor son,” screamed Cincinnatier Tägliches Volksblatt.

the news told about the liberal course of the new Cabinet of the Provisional government, and expressed hope for the release of the Russian Empire from the war, what was the main objective of the German government. The February revolution had expanded Germany’s Outlook on achieving a separate peace, and they stepped up an offensive in a variety of ways. “The Russian revolution put us in a completely new situation,” wrote foreign Minister of Austria-Hungary Chernin. “Peace with Russia – wrote to the Austrian Emperor Charles I to Kaiser Wilhelm II, is the key to the situation. After its conclusion the war will quickly come to a favorable end”.

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