the format of The election debate to be held next Monday, November 4, among the five major candidates to the presidency of the Government do not contemplate the possibility that the moderators, Ana White, and Vicente Vallés, ask questions between the different thematic blocks. This has been agreed by the Academy of Television (ATV), the agency responsible for producing the program, with the five parties invited to the appointment. Atresmedia and RTVE, the two main operators that will spread the signal, have questioned this model, which would leave it to the moderators as the simple introducer of the blocks without options to questions and cross-examination to applicants to The Moncloa. “The academy and the parties have agreed to something that we cannot accept,” say sources tv.

it Would be a format prude and antiperiodístico, complain about the chains, that have made it known to the academy his frontal opposition to a debate in the not be able to pose questions to the participants: Pedro Sanchez, Pablo Casado, Albert Rivera, Pablo Iglesias, and Santiago Abascal.

The parties have given the nod to this formula, that the televisions have been used in the face-to-face between candidates. But during the debates at the four-held in April, the moderators of the two dating television, the first in RTVE and the second in Atresmedia, to have the freedom to pose questions to the candidates throughout the broadcast, always respecting the thematic areas agreed upon with the parties.

in order To try to reverse the situation, the academy plans to continue this Wednesday, a new meeting with the parties. It would be to modify the prior covenant to give to the journalists in charge of driving the debate for greater autonomy and to be able to ask questions at the margin of the statements of the blocks.

As announced by the ATV, the program will be structured in five thematic blocks of 25 minutes duration each. There will be an opening statement and one minute of gold final, which will have five candidates of the parties voted in the legislative elections of the 28 of April: PSOE, PP, Citizens, United we Can and Vox.

The first block will be devoted to the cohesion of Spain and will Sanchez. The second will focus on economic policy, and will begin with the participation of Churches. The social policy and equality it will boot to Rivera, while the block on democratic quality will be inaugurated by Married, and the international policy will be Abascal.


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