The goal is to mobilize two million voters who chose the ballot of Citizens in April and now in doubt about whether to do it again. That is the priority of the party, Albert Rivera for the electoral campaign which starts this Thursday, one of the most difficult he has faced the training by the downturn of up to five points that will predict the polls. The campaign committee intends to achieve this mobilization key focus of the speech of Citizens in a message: “Yes we can”. “Yes you can change a Government, yes it can take Spain to the unlock and yes you can put in place reforms”, summary sources of team Rivera. That slogan —that will put the address of the candidate, but it is not the official motto of the campaign is “Spain in motion”— was the one who used We in his debut as a national party in the general elections of 2015.


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The strategists of Citizens recognize the similarity of his message for this campaign with the motto we Can in the first general who introduced Paul to the Churches, but opposed to that the majority of matches just by using slogans similar. For example, the “Now Spain” that is presented for this campaign, the PSOE remember the motto of Citizens in the elections in andalusia, “Now, Citizens,” and at the last Catalan elections, “yes, Now votarem”. With the “Yes we can”, that Rivera already premiered yesterday at a ceremony in Zaragoza, Citizens wants to motivate its voter to come out of discouragement and doubts, and try to choose the ballot of the party.

The campaign of Albert Rivera starts this Thursday in Cadiz, by the “symbolism liberal” of the city, the birthplace of the Constitution of 1812, and closed in Barcelona. In the meagre week of tour, the leader of Citizens will visit also Malaga, Tarragona, Valencia, Seville, Madrid, and a city of Castilla y León and Extremadura yet to be defined. The party prioritizes Andalusia, the Valencian Community, Barcelona and Madrid, its main strongholds, because it has to focus on retaining their own voters. According to the macrobarómetro of the CIS published yesterday, the party has the biggest problems in Catalonia and in the two Castile. In Barcelona, Citizens would be two of the four seats it won in April, and would not result in the seat by Tarragona. And in the Castile could lose your entire representation, which in April was 12 seats. In contrast, Cs holds better in Andalusia, where it manages between eight to nine seats for the ten it won in the last elections, in the Valencian Community, where you get five of the six seats of the previous convocation, and in Madrid (would get five or six seats out of eight in April, according to the CIS).

Rivera will flee from the rallies classic in this campaign, and replace it with acts more close with the people and meeting with groups, explaining on the strategy committee. “It is not a campaign of great haircuts”, hold on Citizens. In the acts is to remove the “barriers” between the candidate and the wizards to look for that image of closeness. For example, in the rally in the Plaza de Sant Jaume in Barcelona on the last day 20, Rivera climbed up to a small platform in the center of the square to address supporters with a microphone. I had No lectern or a stage use.

The role will have the candidate, Rivera, to the detriment of the acronym of the party. In the large sign that the party has located at the headquarters in Madrid, only appears the motto, “Spain in motion” with the colors of the Spanish flag, without a trace of the brand of Cs. In the party believe that the candidate is much stronger than the brand, and that’s why they are going to reinforce it.

Cs will also seek to innovate with garish ads and other marketing actions. One of them is already visible in the headquarters in Madrid: it has provided a large advertising screen at the front of the building that will be projected each day messages and videos. The first, of Tuesday, says: “Congratulations, Agnes”, in allusion to that Inés Arrimadas, speaker of parliament, announced yesterday that she is pregnant. Citizens provides for an expenditure of about three million euros in this campaign, about half that in April.


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