The analyst rated the chances of Russian pop stars in the Duma elections

Photo credit: TASS/Mikhail Tereshchenko

When the artist is trying to behave like a politician, like a normal politician, he becomes very interesting, in particular for young people. Commented on the site Moscow 24 Vice-President of the Center for political technologies, Alexei Makarkin news about wanting Valerie to create their own political party “Strong women”.

the political Scientist said that voters are more interested in policies that can solve actual problems. According to Makarkin, the artists can not do this, citing his experience of 90 years.

“Voters vote for politicians who solve their problems. We have had experience of the 90-ies, when the majority of artists came to politics. They tried to talk about politics right, politically correct; trying to find the right words in a foreign field. It was not interesting. Artist perceived as a person who is engaged in its sphere, it can be a lot of fans, but when the fan is at the polling station he voted politically rather than looking for the name of the person that I liked him in the artistic sphere”, – the expert believes.

Makarkin also noted that the reason for such zeal of pop stars in politics – the desire to attract more attention, create newsworthy. Although the analyst did not rule out that this is due to the desire of politicians to “dilute the political landscape with figures, which are not associated any political reefs, they are quite clear, they are not an opposition.”

moreover, whether this man, ease on the stage, also artistic, answering questions about the Constitution, on taxes, on pensions, where the money comes from? It’s not their field.
Alex Makarkina-President of the Center for political technologies

One of the arguments against the stars in politics, the expert noted the absence of base political activity.

“to the star went into politics, she must be some kind of past, which would correspond to this desire. If the example you Valerieand fight against domestic violence, first you are fighting at a community level, then decide that’s not enough, go to the Duma – this is understandable, but just say, “I want to fight”? It’s not enough for voters.”

Cords, according to Makarkin, though, and has some basis, but is forced to abandon it in favor of the interests of the Party growth.

“From Shnurov, Yes, the base is, but it is at odds with the image of the party, in which he came. Party growth already has its own image. She participated in the elections in 2016 and 2017. The image of the Cord and the image of the party at odds with each other. Party more moderate, more cautious. The question arises, who is going with whom to bond. Either party will be attracted to his artistic way, or he will become more moderate, will be to deal with issues of culture, just as he promises. Now events develop by the second option,” – concluded the expert.

Earlier it was reported that Sergey Shnurov has joined the Party of growth. The artist plans to run for the state Duma in 2022. His example was followed by Valerie, but she went on. The producer of the singer has declared its desire to establish their own political party with the working title “Strong women”.

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