Update of 14. June 2019: last week, RTL announced the 20 Bachelorette-contestants – now, the station announced a Sensation: There is a substitutions, while the Bachelorette Fans will know all too well: Alexander Hindermann (30), which landed in the previous Bachelorette season, the last Rose of Nadine Klein, is back!

After only a few months, the love of Nadine and Alexander was already over. (However, in the case of this Ex-the Bachelorette – she is a Soap Star is pregnant.) Now, last year’s winner mixes the 20 candidates of the sixth Bachelorette-season. The might not like the Bachelorette candidates at all – after all, Alexander has a celebrity Bonus, and also looks pretty good, as he proves on Instagram again and again. The competitive battle is on!

these are the 20 “Bachelorette”candidate in 2019 – Some of you might item known

Update vom 09. June 2019: you want to find true love – or at least a couple of Instagram Followers grab: The Bachelorette candidate in 2019 have been determined. As in previous seasons, RTL has found 20 muscle-bound gentlemen, courting in the RTL-dome show, with a pretty maiden. Who can conquer the heart of Gerda Lewis (25), and gets her final Rose? We provide you with the Bachelorette-participants of the sixth season.

“The Bachelorette”candidate, Andreas (27): advocate of the old-school

Andreas Ongemach was born in Kazakhstan. When Andreas was 5 years old, emigrated with his family to Germany. Now the family lives together in Wermelskirchen, Germany. The foreign service employees for DIN parts, also works as a fitness trainer. Andreas is a Fan of the old school and finds: “The man should definitely make the first step.” With this setting, it is likely, in any case, in the case of Gerda Lewis points addressed never a man.

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate Andreas Ongemach© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate, Christian (25): he Is “arrogant and boastful”?

Christian Hesse Biedenkopf in Hesse, is the look of the A’s and O’s, he admitted to RTL. Accordingly, his family referred to him as “arrogant and overbearing” but also as “courteous”. He finds himself, however, he had no vices.

Christian path “for his life”, but for the Right he would switch into a lower gear. Because of the 25-Year-old has been Single for two years and wants a partner who supports him in every situation in life, and in the evening, waiting for him. If the Christian life is not just in the night, he works as a clerk in a medical supply house and plays passionate about football.

+ “The Bachelorette” contestant Christian Hesse (25).© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate, Daniel (35): He had a severe stroke of fate

He had it easy in his life and yet his Motto “Live your life to the fullest is” Daniel Chytra used to be a successful ski jumper. However, his career changing ended when he sustained a traumatic injury in an accident at the ski jumping 17 bone fractures and about two years in the hospital had to spend. After the serious accident 14 years ago, the Austrian-born had to fight back to life. In the case of Daniel, even today, everything to the Element of air revolves, however, he now works as a glider and a drone pilot. Despite his lust for adventure is the second oldest contestant of the season now craves after a woman he can come to rest.

+ “The Bachelorette” contestant Daniel Chytra© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate, David (24): A real multi-talent

David Taylor from Erfurt is blessed with many talents. Not only is the 1.91 m-tall son of a US-American super is a sporty and professional basketball in the first League. He is also very musical, composes rap songs and plays the piano. Not only that, but The 24-Year-old has some brains, He has studied in the vicinity of San Francisco already Pre-Medicine and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in nutritional Sciences. Then he wants to study medicine.

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate David Taylor© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate, Fabiano (29): The Italian romantics

If Gerda Lewis for Fabiano Carrozzo from Karlsruhe should decide, she would have to adjust to the fact that her lover may have more cosmetics than you. Because the son of Italian parents are very much in his Appearance and confessed to RTL: “Trimmer, epilator, five different Shampoos, two different Gels. I have a lot of upset to a lot of cosmetics.“

in addition to beauty products, the area loves to head fast cars and bungee jumps. In addition, he is a romantic, a One-Night Stand is out of the question for him. Instead, Fabiano beguiled like to the lady of his heart with self-cooked Pizza and Pasta.

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate Fabiano Carrozzo © TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate, Fabio (29): The choice-Munich loves luxury

Fabio, a half tab is a successful Headhunter in the financial field and lives in Munich. At first glance, it also meets all the clichés that come to a given in the sense: He likes sports cars, designer clothes and luxury. However, this was not always so, as he moved seven years ago for the study in Munich, he had just enough money for the rent. Fabio is a real fighter by nature, he now works 12 hours a day. Therefore, don’t have much time for his private life and he still likes spontaneous adventure. Also his partner should be humorous and a little crazy and fun.

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate, Fabio half-tab© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate, Florian (24): “the battle is the mind my second first name“

He is a mental coach, football coach, and Model, prior to this, he has learned the office of a merchant and as a representative work. By the way, Florian Haus dorfer also flies several times per year to Miami to teach children to play football. It seems that a partner would have in the life of the Austrian’s actually no space at all, but Florian has been Single for two years and longs for a woman who is honest and loyal and like to be with him Ski and Sport would like to go.

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate, Florian Haus dorfer© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate, Harald (35): outdoorsman and romantics

As the oldest contestant in the Bachelorette Villa Harald Kremer brings from Euskirchen any amount of life experience. He has found out for himself what he wants from life – namely, a marriage like his parents, who have been married for about 50 years, happy. “I would like to finally get to know a great woman at my side. The honest and just love how I unconditionally and reliable,“ he said to RTL. In his spare time, the financial service provider is a boy a real nature: He is doing much better long-distance runs in the forest, than to go to the gym.

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate, Harald Kremer© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate, Jan (27): He is already a father and pre-lives in divorce

Jan Classen has the other “Bachelorette”participants are already a lot: He has a six-year-old daughter and has been married times. However, the marriage broke up after three years in the fractures and in business administration from Aachen, Germany, currently lives in divorce. Nevertheless, Jan has not lost his Faith in love. He searches for “The Bachelorette” 2019 after the woman of his dreams, he can experience togetherness and tenderness. If Gerda Lewis decides for him, you can expect a lot of romance. He promises: “I want a woman feels next to me. I will be your Rock in the Surf.“

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate, Jan Classen© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate, Jonas (29): Model with an exceptional Look

this blonde mane is probably even Bachelorette Gerda Lewis jealous! Jonas Vonier from Alpirsbach (Baden-Württemberg), with its unusual Look for attention. Since it is almost obvious that he works as a Model. At this year’s “Mr. Germany”-choice, he even made it one of the best Five. Additionally, he works as a mechatronics technician. In his spare time, Jonas goes for a walk with his dog, and bakes, and likes to cook. That would make the romantics, but most of all, together with a partner and hopes to find “The Bachelorette” the great love.

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate, Jonas Vonier© TV Now

“The Bachelorette”candidate, Keno (28): The fitness freak knows what women want

If you can see Keno Rüsts-hardened Body, is clear: The project engineer, likes to go to the gym, and around five Times per week. So he is likely to score points with Gerda Lewis in any case, your ex-boyfriend is a Bodybuilder. The native of the East, what do women in a man expect to know: “The modern man can cook, makes Fitness and knows clothes,” he told RTL. The choice of Cologne wants to conquer with Humor and good conversation is the heart of the Bachelorette.

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate, Keno setup© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate, Luca (25): The self-confident business man opened reached the competition

Although Luca Gottzmann is only 25 years old, he already has a lot of. The ambitious münster is the owner of a PR Agency and has a 3-rooms-designer apartment. Even in matters of love, he leaves nothing to chance, the Response to the kiss he wants to take the first step: “I like the threads in the Hand; it may also, if a woman expresses desires and decisions,” he told RTL. Apparently, Luca is also not the case of “The Bachelorette” to find friends. He has already announced: “The competition I’m willing to take!”

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate Luca Gottzmann© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate, Marco (26): The reigning Mr. Bayern is a real Gentleman

In November 2018, Marco Schmidt won in Munich in the election, “Mr. Bayern” and works (it’s no wonder this look like?) – as a Model. The Munich is also a health and Fitness trainer and looking for a partner that wants to try out new sports. But who thinks now, beauty king Marco, when women especially on the Exterior, is wrong. The 26-Year-old wants a partner he can rely on and work with him on a continuous pulls. Gerda Lewis may therefore look forward to a real Gentleman: He enjoys wearing a woman on your hands.

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate, Marco Schmidt© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate, Matin (30): he Can convince in spite of your shyness?

Advisor Matin Looden is a real relationship man. However, sometimes, his reluctance to stand in the way of him finding the Right. It creates the shy Freiburg, against the testosterone-driven competition? In terms of athleticism, he is definitely the other “The Bachelorette”-candidates in anything, he goes regularly to the gym, playing football and kickboxing like.

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate, Matin Looden© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate Mudi (28): The family man hates to be alone

Mahmoud Sleimans family comes from Lebanon and is Everything to him. As the fourth of seven children, he is a real family man. He is joined by his Freunden “Mudi” is called and works as a machine operator in Osnabrück. Alone Mudi can be according to his own statement not so good. Therefore, the suffering of sheep-call dancers in “The Bachelorette” not only a partner but also a best friend.

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate, Mahmoud “Mudi” Sleiman© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate Oggy (27): The beard is looking good genetic material

Of Humor, there is a lack of the bearded muscle man Oğuzhan Batar alias Oggy Baam is not. With a wink he told RTL: “I have plants with good genetic material to continue.” He’s looking for a woman that is as interested as he is in sports and health topics. Finally, the sport operates therapist a YouTube Channel on these topics and maintains with his family, a martial arts school in Duisburg. Whether Gerda Lewis meets his requirements?

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate Oğuzhan Batar alias Oggy Baam© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate Sebastian (30): Instagram-Star with a brain

Some viewers be familiar to the new “Bachelorette”season is expected Sebastian Mansla. The Cologne is, in fact, with its 259.000 Instagram followers (as of 10.07.2019) is a real Influencer. On his Account, he presents his hardened muscles and reveals his fitness and nutrition methods. However, even with a brain, he can score, he has a Master’s degree in “International Marketing & Media Management” and is interested in distant cultures. Clear that he’s looking for a woman that he “will experience new adventures every day and in the summer every sunset can enjoy.”

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate, Sebastian Mansla© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate Serkan (26): The Student is always in a good mood

For Serkan Yavuz from Regensburg, is Humor the most important thing. The Student for building climate control is fun for everyone, and can’t remember any day that he was in a bad mood. The other participants can look forward to the time with him in the “Bachelorette”mansion, because in addition to a good mood football provides lovers Serkan also like to order and offered in advance: “I’ll take the entire washing-up.” In addition, Serkan is a true relationship between man, his last relationship lasted for 6.5 years.

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate Serkan Yavuz© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate, Tim (25): police officer with serious intentions

Tim Stammberger white with his 25 years, exactly what he wants. He’s looking for a woman that he would like to address his “family goals”. The police officer from Karlsruhe pursues with his participation in “The Bachelorette” serious intentions: “I’m not a man for a night, but for life,” he said to RTL. He seeks a woman he can lead in a partnership full of Loyalty, honesty and respect, and in the ideal case, also beautiful eyes.

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate, Tim Stammberger© TV Now”The Bachelorette”candidate, Yannic (22): “I just love all women …”

to miss With his height of 1.97 m and a proud 127 kg Yannic Dammaschk is hardly. His extroverted nature and his loud Organ bring to the Student for air and space travel technology a lot of attention. According to his Instagram profile, on the almost 15,000 people (as of 10.07.2019), is the giant of South German champion in Bodybuilding. This definitely falls into the prey scheme of the “Bachelorette” Gerda Lewis. However, Aachen has a Problem: “I just love all women …,” he told RTL. In the case of “The Bachelorette” will he find but his Princess.

+ “The Bachelorette”candidate Yannic Dammaschk© TV NowErstmeldung of 13. – June: speculation on the “Bachelorette”candidate in 2019 – Is HE back?

RTL-dome show “The Bachelorette” lives is known by the colorful mix of love-hungry bachelors, who want to compel one and the same woman. In the almost courtship dance, reminiscent of the flirtatious behaviour of some of the candidates in each season, to muscle play and macho posturing – much to the delight of the audience. And also in terms of bitching at all the men can keep up with the “The Bachelor”contestants.

Many, for example, be a “shoulder kiss”-the candidate Rafi from the fifth season, a term that the left simply no stone unturned to get a shot at Nadine. Or Mister “Super Vain” Andi, for it is an imposition would be to leave the house without shaved legs. We delight RTL in the upcoming “The Bachelorette”-season with such amusing candidates? Here you can read all about the candidates of “The Bachelorette” in 2019.

candidate for “The Bachelorette” 2019: This is already known,

It is already known that in the sixth season of “The Bachelorette,” the former GNTM candidate and Influencerin Gerda Lewis (26) the roses will be awarded. So far, RTL is holding the “Bachelorette”candidate, however, is still top secret.

check out this post on Instagram to

Remember: hatin bitches ain‘t happy, happy bitches ain’t hatin.

A post shared by (@gerda.jlewis) on may 21, 2019 at 3:18 PM PDT

Even if the candidates are not fixed yet, and there is a hot rumor about a possible repeat offenders, seems to want to try his luck.

“The Bachelorette” 2019: the winner from the previous year, for a repeat offender?

it really would be a Sensation! Like this Ok!-Magazine reported to be the Bachelorette-last year’s winner Alexander Burke man (30) who got the 2018 Nadine Klein’s (33) last Rose in the sixth season again. Particularly piquant is this rumor is because after the separation of Nadine and Alex was rumored that Alex should have cheated on Nadine – and although he was said to have, of all things, the new “Bachelorette” Gerda Lewis is a woohoo!

Unthinkable Alex’s participation would not be in “The Bachelorette” 2019: After the messy break-up of the couple, Nadine is forgiven, happy – Alex, however, is officially Single, and would thus be free for a new love. Also of his career as an Influencer would not hurt to re-participation. Finally, the trained personal trainer from Gammelby since his “Bachelorette”-participation is a huge Instagram fan base of 213,000 followers (as of 13. June 2019) built up, he could zoom in again on the TV appearance again. In addition to his Influencers-career, it was Years of quiet around the 30. A second attempt to wrap the “Bachelorette” to the Finger, could bring him so back in the public focus.

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[display] I’ve taken today, a day out, I was not on the phone. The times did well again. So one day I’m going to take me once a week. • Are your good in the week? • Till Tomorrow ✌ —————— #happy #monday #Monday motivation #new #week #goasl #quality time #family #fitness #workout #smile #love #future #time

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This should meet the “Bachelorette”candidate, when Gerda Lewis points

A look at the Instagram Account of Gerda Lewis‘ ex-boyfriend Tobi, and I know that the beautiful blonde is probably neither the beer bellies on thin arms. With the Bodybuilder, who was recently named to the “Mr. Olympia”, was Gerda until the beginning of 2018. A pretty high bar for the “Bachelorette”candidate in 2019!

compared To RTL Gerda said that she has no special “type of guy”, you have very high standards: “I can’t do anything with men who are insecure and have no Plan. And I don’t want a slipper hero“, the Model.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram to

A post shared by | (@tobi_ti) on may 22, 2019 at 11:28 am PDT

you can read here all information about start date and air times of the new “Bachelorette”season.

in addition, RTL shocks his Fans with this Change, of which even the producers were surprised. DennRTL off after five seasons of an extremely popular Show, such as extratipp.com* reported.

All about “The Bachelorette” in the Special case of RTL.de.

However, even prior to the beginning of the RTL-dome Show Gerda granted Lewis ‘ deep insights into their intimate sphere. Because of the Bachelorette intimate photos in the network have emerged, such as extratipp.com*.


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