Who is sitting in the plane, in the clothing between two options: Either it should be as comfortable as possible – after all, it often sits for several hours in the machine or adapts the same to the temperatures of the target country. But what is correct?

there Is a dress code on Board the aircraft?

most Airlines give no dress code. This does not mean, however, that the Crew reserves the right to ban passengers from the machine, if you are inappropriately dressed. A Swiss spokeswoman for the Swiss News Portal, travel news confirmed, for example: “If a passenger should come in a Bikini on Board, would ask our crew, the passenger-friendly, to dress more appropriately, because the passenger could affect the well-being of the other passengers.”

With this dress, not Shirt make boarding a plane a lot of wrong

The least of the problems passengers will get when you find yourself comfortable, but don’t wear skanky clothes, such as Jeans and a normal Top or T -.

it is important that you will appreciate the air-conditioned cabin, as Daniel Flohr, a speaker explains in the Independent flight attendants organization (UFO) the Portal travel book: “personally, I see again and again guests with short pants. That would be me personally too fresh.” Often there is only a certain number of Blankets on Board, which were quickly distributed. Thus, it can never hurt to have a thin jacket or a scarf to Throw on it.

Here, you should item of clothing to be careful

Daniel Flohr warns us not to wear clothes that could be in emergency situations as bulky. This includes clothes, he can, with the help of passengers, easy to hang, for example, if chains are attached to it. He also advises not to wear high shoes – should have the flight attendants in case of emergency in case of an evacuation, enough time, “guests are asked to with high shoes, these take off and also not to take”. Better flat models.

equally important is Flohr that passengers deal with what is considered to be in the country of destination as the appropriate clothing and this does not mean that you should adapt to the temperatures. So it would not be “maybe the smartest idea,” to rise in the Middle East, with a mini skirt and Bikini from the machine.

Also interesting: On the cruise ship, you should be at that place on white clothing is better to abstain.

every now and then, but official statements from the airlines themselves, what is tolerated on Board. In the “Contract of Carriage”, the United Airlines, for example, that passengers who are not properly dressed or barefoot are on the road, the Transport may be denied. With appropriate clothing, according to Reto Schneider, Country Sales Manager of United Airlines, a twill cover meant that is clean and not offensive or discriminatory.

a different dress code Applies in the Business Class as in Economy?

Anyone travelling for the first Time in Business Class, probably also the question of whether there is a different dress code prevails. In fact, employees of some of the Airlines recommend, as Jürg Müller, Emirates ‘ – a “casual and comfortable Business Casual style, with the flight in their own seat as well enjoy the visit to the Bar in our A380 Onboard Lounge”.

Bruno Walder, Sales Manager at Singapore Airlines in Switzerland, advises to “smart casual”, and possibly a suit: “sandals, or sleeveless top are not attached to parts in men, or Shorts and could be a Problem. Sneakers, Jeans and a neat Polo-Shirt should be the Minimum.”

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