The car windscreen freezes in the Winter, and from the outside, is nothing New. Now and again it freezes but even inside, and then you ask yourself, Why does this happen? And how do I get rid of the layer of ice again?

Therefore, the car freezes disc from the inside of

If the car window is also covered inside of a layer of ice, it is usually because too much moisture is in the interior. This happens particularly quickly if you carry a lot of snow into the car. Make sure that before Boarding, so be sure the shoes are properly screened, and rid your clothes of snow.

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If the floor mats are extremely wet, you should take this overnight out of the car to remove and in the house to dry. A completely soaked clothing you should have during the travel on the front passenger seat, but rather in the trunk.

slice frozen: What can I do?

In the case of old or poorly-insulated models, it can come in spite of all the measures yet to be ice on the inside of the windscreen. Who wants to get rid of the layer, then with the scraper, gets due to the curvature of the glass problems quickly. Better is to open all the doors and turn the blower in the direction of the windscreen to de-ice them. Afterwards wipe the glass dry with a cloth.

: Use in the interior no de-icer Spray, since it contains toxic fumes. Also extreme heat sources such as hot air blower can damage the disc, since in this way, cracks form

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Franziska Kaindl


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