Hamburg – Sylvie Meis is in Germany, in particular, as a presenter of RTL Shows such as “Let’s Dance” or as a juror in “The super talent”. A name the blonde made initially as a player-woman at the side of Rafael Van der Vaart. What few people know is that Sylvie’s career began in the Netherlands much earlier. Now a photo from this time, showed up in Instagram and creates a powerful vortex.

Blatant conversion: 15 years Ago, Sylvie Meis looked very different – but even then, she moved in front of the camera, + So the Germans know the popular Dutch© picture alliance/dpa

In an Interview with RTL Exclusiv, Sylvie Meis reported that she was discovered in a talent show for the children’s show “Fox Kids”: “I was there with 1000 other and won,” says the TV presenter. “My career started when I was just finished with the training. I wanted to work in television,” says Sylvie on their already strong TV ambitions.

Blatant conversion: 15 years Ago, Sylvie Meis looked very different and played in a Dutch Soap + In the Netherlands, Sylvie’s career began much earlier© picture alliance / dpa

Sylvie Meis’ Plan worked: for Two years they stand as a hot barmaid “Ice” for the Dutch Soap “Costa” in front of the camera. That you are twisted prior to their type-change the men in the head, turned the men’s magazine FHM to prove that Sylvie 2003 elected “Sexiest Woman in the Netherlands”. Precisely this choice of the image that celebrity flash posted now on Instagram, and was commented on by many users to mean comes.

Sylvie Meis: at the beginning of her career, she is quite different – so mean the net

check out this post on Instagram

Already 15 years ago, an eye-catcher: Sylvie Meis was in my mid-20 an asterisk in the Dutch television and was even the height of the “Sexiest Woman of the Year” named @sylviemeis #sylviemeis #German stars #beauty image source: action press

A post shared by celebrity flash (@celebrity flash) on Jan 2, 2019 12:04 PST

it is Actually believe it at first glance, that the woman in the photo to the young Sylie Meis.

Accordingly, hard the comments under the Post. “Looks kind of creepy… Like a wax figure,” writes a Userin. “Looks like a roast chicken. I didn’t recognized at all,” says another user. A rather humorous comment is: “Hello, Hello, here is the 80’s. We want our Make-Up.

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