The carnival of Venice was completed early due to coronavirus


Venice took the decision to close the carnival for two days before they are due. This is due to security measures in connection with the spread of the coronavirus in Italy, reports TASS.

the Venice carnival began on 8 February and was to last until the 25th, but is currently stopped. It is noted that all main activities, including the famous “angel flight” and “the procession of Marius” has already happened.

in Addition, the reported closing down of all schools in the city before March 1.

“We signed with the Minister Speranza disposal, which involves the cancellation of all public gatherings and closing schools and museums before March 1”, – is spoken in the message of the Governor of the Veneto Luca ZAIA.

it is Known that this year’s festival arrived less number of tourists due to the spread of a new type of pneumonia. Last year the number of those present at the celebration was a 20% increase.

Earlier it was reported that due to a virus Milan La Scala theatre has cancelled all performances. It was noted that two days in Italy the number of infected has reached 132 people died, two residents.

the Number of people infected with coronavirus in Italy exceeded 100 people

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