The Russians told how much you spend on travel

Photo: depositphotos/anyaberkut

the Russian tourists are told how much money to spend on trips around the country and the world. About it reports RIA Novosti, citing a survey online Aviasales.

it is Noted that this question was answered 5 thousand citizens.

it Turned out that 33% of Russians travel lay a quarter of wages. 28% of respondents said that saving for a vacation by setting aside at least half of the monthly salary.

Many of the respondents admitted to an inability to save. They said they spend all savings on trip to Russia and abroad.

Only 10% of citizens noted that there are travel 10% of their income. The remaining 17% of the tourists reported that descend on it all salary.

Earlier it became known about reduction of prices on flights to Russia. The average bill for domestic flights back and forth from March to may 2024 declined by 23% compared to last year. Thus, prices fell from 13.7% to 10.5 thousand rubles.

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