The chamber called the main problem of Russian science

Science in Russia remains insufficiently productive and not acting as an engine for socio-economic development. This is stated in the report of the accounting chamber (JV), “identifying key factors restraining the development of science in Russia”.

the Subject of the study of SP was based on the assessment of research infrastructure, and adequacy of the motivational measures, ensuring the attractiveness of scientific work.

In particular, the authors of the report analyzed state and Federal target programs in the sphere of science and the national project “Science”, reports TASS.

the document emphasizes that science “does not generate its own scientific and technological basis for the creation and implementation of priorities, response to the “big challenges” facing society.”

it is Noted that the sector “remains insufficiently productive” including the fact that the specific weight of expenses on science in GDP (1.1 percent), Russia lags far behind leading countries of the world, being at 34th place.

the Leaders are Israel (4,25), South Korea (4.24%) and Switzerland (3,37%). In this regard, analysts warned that “if the inertial model of development increases the risk of reduction of scientific potential.”